• ArdmoreArdmore Member Posts: 509 Fabled

    Ardmore said:
    Now if only I could get Iosai to love Ardmore. :(
    Iosai leans close to you and gently lays a kiss upon your forehead.
    You hug Iosai compassionately.

    Mission successful.
  • HiriakoHiriako Member Posts: 374 Gifted
    Iosai, whomever is hiring you is very lucky.

    You know we're all very fond of you, and it does truly tear at many of us to see you departing. It's a wound rent by the departure of a friend. But I would not begrudge you in the least your dreams and happiness, and therefore can only see fit to wish you the best of luck.

    Just watch out for the bears. They're huge.

    (Also, that bit today, with the dowsing rods and the bugs, and the Order of Iosai? That will be cherished, I assure you! <3)
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