Cheonbi Saim's Missing Staff

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Recently destroyed the Lucidian mirror army, go back to raise Mesa destroying one to find out Saim already has all the Rocs she needs. Which probably isn't all that odd, but her staff can't be found anywhere, does it reset at anypoint? Or if it does, do I have to redo the slashing of Rocs, to get the staff to put it in the statue? And can this be done to the opposing side to annoy its doer to no end?


Edit: After a quick look at her, she is indeed wielding her staff, but the statue isn't activated and she still apparently has all the Rocs she needs. Previous question(s) still stands, along with this one: how do I get her to give it to me?

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  • VurisVuris Member Posts: 29 Novice
    Scratch that, apparently the quest reset after a bit.
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