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    I think squishy has become relative to those who are used to carrying a lot of buffs. Bashing is risky. It's also something that can be done in groups (gogo squads!) for socialising and to reduce the risk of tougher areas.

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    Are there any up to date CMud systems for sale?
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    or a mudlet system with someone willing to teach me mudlet basics
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    I don't think there's been an up to date system for CMUD in years. For Mudlet, there's Vadi's M&M system, and Avant Garde might still be somewhat up to date.
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    I'll throw my thoughts into the mix.

    The best all around race for any warrior class is Aslaran, if you want extreme tankability then Dwarf is my go to race since the bonus from being drunk is insanely good. Specs wise Cav is my personal favourite but Pureblade is definitely easier to use.

    I disagree with Celina when she says Cavalier is the worst warrior spec but otherwise she raises some very valid points.

    If I was starting a brand new character with the intention of buying 300ish credits and playing a warrior I'd go Faeling Templar. I'd use the starting credits I had to buy the m&m system for mudlet (80 credits), buy a legendary ikon (5-10 credits) then transcend influencing immediately. Any lessons/credits I made through leveling would go into guild skills.

    Faeling Templar can very quickly max out their Charisma stat if they take highmagic and rituals/paradigmatics. You can bash the newbie area until level 20 which will give you the basic bashing achievement and a 50% exp buff. From there try to find a nice person to drop you off at the Tosha Monastery, consume the legendary ikon you bought (200% exp boost to influencing) and influence the monks. Within two hours (about level 40ish) you can move to a smaller Kephera Hive if you're careful moving about in the UV tunnels and start influencing workers. 

    Influencing is insanely fast leveling, pretty broken in all honesty and if you're consistent you can reach level 80 in 20 hours or so. As a newbie to Lusternia it'll likely take you a fair bit longer to achieve but the basic principle is sound.

    If you do buy the m&m system there's an influencing/bashing system on the forum here: 

    Faeling is an excellent choice for Templar's once you reach the Polarity skill in Paradigmatics since it gives you the ability to switch your intelligence stat with your strength stat. This means you can get involved in some warrior combat as you're leveling up and still be the fastest unspecced influencing race in the game. Warrior buffs to health and damage mitigation offset Faeling's low health, they have the same speed as Aslaran and they also have a bonus to sipping potions which further offsets their low health and helps with influencing.

    Demigod Aslaran is arguably better than Faeling as a Templar but it's so close it makes no real difference, so you might decide to switch race later on but there's absolutely no need.

    The other warrior races/classes are all solid choices but Templar offers the most options at lower levels if you want to be very fast at leveling up via influencing (which is faster than bashing until the low 90s level wise) and have the ability to take part in combat.

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    Just as an addendum to my post, these are the skills I'd take as a Faeling Templar and learn immediately, in order of importance.

    Influencing to CharismaticAura (Transcendent 0% - Cost 1715 lessons)
    -- CharismaticAura is a massive boost to influencing
    Rituals to Populus (Capable 0% - Cost 34 lessons)
    -- Populus provides +1 to charisma, speeds up influence attacks
    Highmagic to Netzach (Capable 0% - Cost 34 lessons)
    -- Netzach provides +1 to Charisma, speeds up influence attacks

    Total lesson cost: 1783

    Required Credits: 210 (lesson bonus provides the extra)

    These are the other purchases I'd make:

    m&m system for mudlet - cost 80 credits

    2 x legendary ikon - cost 5-10 credits each

    10 credits to sell for gold to buy basic equipment - mostly bromides, health potions, a figurine for imbuing esteem, a 100 of each herb and some basic armour/weaponry.

    Total required credits: 320-330 depending on ikon cost

    That's for a metagame setup designed to level as quickly as possible. Obviously there are more fun ways to do it, so it's just for reference.

    Your basic starting lessons that every character gets would go towards low level skills like rift, liquidrift, glancing etc.

    Lessons/Credits earned from leveling would go into guild skills, with a focus on Paradigmatics up to the Polarity skill and Knighthood/Pureblade/Athletics.
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