Looking for dingbats!

SaagaSaaga Member Posts: 30 Capable
I want your dingbats for my credits. Or gold. Or portrait. Yess. Please contact me if interested.

A dingbat


  • DaraiusDaraius Shevat The juror's taco spotMember Posts: 4,777 Transcendent
    Wait are you doing character commissions for dingbats because I've got a few to spare.  :D
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  • ElanorwenElanorwen The White Falconess Member Posts: 2,927 Transcendent
    I do have some to spare, too... I'd love to finally get someone to do this wedding portrait for Vivet and myself that I've been trying to get arranged for a bit too long now.

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  • SaagaSaaga Member Posts: 30 Capable
    Well, sure. I'd rather be drawing than studying for Friday's SLA exam anyway! Just describe the stuff you want on the commissions, please!
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