Retrieving lost characters

MejhuraMejhura Member Posts: 1 Inept
I doubt this is really possible, but I remember creating quite a few characters back in the day, and I believe I bought credits to make one or two of them permanent. I cannot, however, remember their names. Is it at all possible, using my registration info, to retrieve the characters at all?

Thanks very much!


  • SakrSakr Member Posts: 151 Capable
    Have you checked CHARACTERS?
  • TacitaTacita <3s Xynthin 4eva!!!11 Member Posts: 789 Transcendent
    Register another character with the same email address as your others are - then as Sakr said check CHARACTERS. It should be on there but it will only appear if you use the same email address.
  • MejhuraMejhura Member Posts: 1 Inept
    ... it's that simple? I swear there's something wrong with my brain. Thanks! *facepalm*
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