WTB Genie bottle parts! (yeah I know I know...)

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Well, I returned to Lusternia to find out I missed out on these Genie bottle things, and now I really want to try to assemble one. If you have any odd parts or maybe even a full one you want to sell, perhaps you could message me and we could work out a deal! I have some treasure map pieces for trade, a complete treasure map, some unbound credits, and a tiny bit of gold. Thanks muchly! 


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    oh! I also have dingbats and mask curio pieces, as well as assorted other curio parts if you were holding out for something else!
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    In the vain hope I can get a trade, here is an updated list of pieces I am looking for:
    Crimson Genie Bottle: 4th Shard and 7th Shard
    Ruby Genie Bottle: 1st Shard
    Scarlet Genie Bottle: Spout, 1st Shard, 8th Shard
    Cerulean Genie Bottle: 8th Shard
    Citrine Genie Bottle: 4th Shard and 9th Shard
    Saffron Genie Bottle: 8th Shard

    And here is a pastebin of the curios I have to trade (it changes quite often though!):
    http://pastebin.com/XqRk7D1d (updated with new link)
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    I am down to needing 6 pieces, they are:
    Crimson 4,7
    Ruby 1
    Scarlet spout,8
    Cerulean 8

    Please, if you have any of these pieces please consider trading them, I will do anything I can to accommodate your expectations of their value (so long as it is within the realm of reason).

    Updated list of curios available to trade:

    *someone* must have some pieces! Don't hold out on me :(.  
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