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I'm not big on these types of things but I feel like I need to make it official or it doesn't really count. I mean, it's a game right? Why all the cheesy hugs and kisses goodbye over a game? As much as my dark, frigid, griefer heart hates to admit it, it's a community and one I've been proudly and happily apart of for over 7 years (sweet baby Jesus, I've been around for a long time). 


As the players I've been playing with for a long time now know, I've been drifting in and out of activity for a while now. Growing up has a nasty habit of absorbing all of my time. Over time recently I have come to realize I log on the Lusternia because it's so familiar and has been such a constant in my life while I moved across the country, changed careers, entered in to and ended relationships, and the billion other real life things grown up life entails. It's not that I don't enjoy Lusternia ( I do! ), it's that I think I've accomplished everything I set out to do, be it in game mechanics or out of game relationships. I've been logging in out of habit, even though, truth be told, I don't want to, and if I don't say "I'm done here," I won't ever actually be done. I'll just log in like a crack addict.


As with everything else, there comes a time when you feel the urge to move on and let go of things. It's not a bad thing, life just inevitably pulls you along in a different direction. On to more casual hobbies without all the baggage that comes with being in a relationship for 7 years!


You guys are a wonderful community to be apart of. Glomdoring, in particular, and the wonderful people I shall not endlessly list, has been fabulous to be apart of.


I'm sure I'll pop in to lurk from time to time.





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    As Tacita said, I want to like this because sometimes letting go is what it takes to move on...but I don't like it because then there will be no Celina. :(

    I have often thought about when or if I will give up and let Lusternia fade away. That time is not now for me, but it is good to hear you are growing and moving on in life. I hope that you pick up many adult hobbies, like knitting, wine tasting, widdling, yelling at young children to stay off your lawn and other things that old people do. 

    In all honesty, I will miss you!
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    ... widdling?  :o
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    But who will teach me to be an awesome Glomazon now? D: That said, totally know what you mean, been there and done that. My best wishes for wherever the road takes you. You shall be missed!
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    I'll never forget you, my love :(

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    (I understand the battle between RL and IG, good luck in everything)
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    HUGS, @Celina. I shall miss rping Virastuff with you.
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    Fine, go, leave! D:

    We'll keep Shucks fed and groomed though :)
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    Don't come back. 
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