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I am very sad to say that I have been informed rather reliably that the person we once knew as Visaeris (also Anders on MKO) has passed. I am linking the public note she left behind, and expect you all to behave yourselves commenting here. Visaeris could be quite lovely and friendly when the mood struck, and this is quite heartbreaking news. Link


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    This forums really should have a "I like this but I don't like it" button.
    Everiine said: The reason population is low isn't because there are too many orgs. It's because so many facets of the game are outright broken and protected by those who benefit from it being that way. An overabundance of gimmicks (including game-breaking ones), artifacts that destroy any concept of balance, blatant pay-to-win features, and an obsession with convenience that makes few things actually worthwhile all contribute to the game's sad decline.
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    I don't even know where to begin. I have years and years of great memories- hours upon hours of talking with Visaeris. With it originally starting with us both being Magnagoran, fighting  Serenwilde. Deciding to push forward to raise Crow and Bbeing exiled from every city for our attempts with DoC, pushing for Glomdoring. Our friendship grew past this game, and even after Vis stopped playing we talked for a good while. She always kept me up to date on how she was doing, and even though we wouldn't talk for months when we would talk, it was like there was no gap in time. Lots of laughs, and excitement to catch up. It hadn't been all that long ago that we caught up on how we were both doing, a month at most? I don't even know where I'm going with this. I'm rambling.

    I'm going to miss the hell out of you, Vis. I'm seriously going to miss the hell out of you. I'm so sorry this is how your depression is resolved.
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    One of my earliest memories of Lusternia was Visaeris' "GOOD HUSTLE" attitude. I have always admired her enthusiasm. Rest in peace, warrior.
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    Wow.  I'm at a loss.  I knew Visaeris pretty well back in the very early days.  Was probably one of the most controversial people in in Magnagora, but she was definitely pretty awesome.  Loved the attitude.

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    edited October 2014's sort of hard to believe that someone with so much fire and gumption could just be gone. I remember Anders from MKO and how he was able to basically dominate the scene single-handedly (heavens know he had the most painful attacks of all time). He always seemed to have that "never backing down" attitude, which was incredibly frustrating at times but at least gave us a worthy opponent. Heavens know, he would solo raid my city quite often. Just unbelievable to think someone with that much strength is the same person who wrote that note.

    MUDs will definitely be less engaging without a warrior with that much spirit.

    Edit: Just to clarify, im speaking about Anders the character that Kate created.
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    I just found out...

    Visaeris (Kate) was a very close friend to me for many years, and we shared a lot together. One of the most brilliant people I've ever met. haha we even talked about suicide before. wow We haven't talked much recently, oh god this is really hard, yea, maybe later.
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    My first message:

    Visaeris sent message #2 at 10/08 22:26:
       MORE specifically. Look for landmarks around you.. Perhaps some sort of easy way to name the area you're in.

    I was Visaeris' enemy in other IRE realms, and when I came to Lusternia, I was pretty thankful that she was my ally in the Nihilists. She was always one of my biggest supporters in Mag, when at that time, I had very few, and I'll always be grateful for a lot of the help she gave me.
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    Oh hey, double post, because Visaeris didn't delete a lot of his messages, and I was looking at the messages I sent him:

    You sent message #583 at 10/23 02:22:
       Thanks for the GF!
    You sent message #541 at 10/22 01:26:
       I'm flying :)
    You sent message #527 at 10/21 02:31:
       How do you get to Celestia from Water plane?
    You sent message #484 at 10/20 00:47:
       There are pythons in Glomdoring, and vipers in Balach swamp.
    You sent message #482 at 10/20 00:45:
       Do you know how to lure fae?
    You sent message #483 at 10/20 00:45:
       Ask on ct for me? I've figured out a quest on Nil.
    You sent message #345 at 10/16 20:05:
       Ask on CT for someone to come up to Astral so I could teleport.
    You sent message #344 at 10/16 20:04:
       Go up to Astral so I have a teleport target?

    Just someone that was always helpful for any questions to ask, and I thank you again for helping out a clueless individual.
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    My heart is so heavy right now.

    I honestly don't have the right words.

    Rest in peace, dear.


    Tacita already covered the main points of where you can get help. I also wanted to let you know about Reddit's subreddit SuicideWatch. I found it during one of the darkest times of my life a few months ago. (It saved my life.)
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    This is Chade - I no longer have access to my normal forum account hence the new name.

    Seeing this on the forums made me want to say how saddened I am. 

    Visaeris was a mad genius, I knew her from her Achaea days as Jerle and spent a long time butting heads with her in the early days of Lusternia, check the early Magnagoran news posts for examples, but it was mostly good natured argument and we always made right in the end.

    The last time I got to speak with Visaeris was a couple of years ago, when she briefly reappeared in Lusternia and we spent a bit of time chatting about her transition and reminiscing about our experiences with Achaea and early Lusternia. I have a lot of great memories of arguments, fights, debates, losses and shared victories with Vis in this game and Achaea. I'm gutted she's gone.

    Rest in Peace.
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    Welp, read that post from the dota community, didn't expect to read it again for the second time in the day and especially so much closer to home.

    This really sucks.
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    I didn't personally know Kate, but, it's still depressing to know someone killed their self.I am sorry it ended like it did. find peace Kate

    It's true, I really am you.
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    It's beyond heartbreaking, @Bau. I'm still weeping. :(

    My first character was a Nihilist, and Visaeris was one of the many people who welcomed me here. She taught me a lot, about a lot more things than Lusternia. I do not have words for this loss.

    Kate, I will miss you, you meant so much to me, even though I seriously doubt you can hear what I am typing here.

    Everyone else, for the love of god please tell others how much you love them, no matter what they're going through. Please.

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    Riluna said:

    Everyone else, for the love of god please tell others how much you love them, no matter what they're going through. Please.

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    I actually found the post on the dota community about 3 minutes after it went up, I primarily knew her from Midkemia very early on and SC2 / Dota 2 as well, I haven't spoken to Kate in about two years or so.
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    well damn.
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    This is heart breaking to read about. I knew Kate very well back during Lusternia's beta periods and early days. My mortal character, Silvenae, was married to Visaeris when they were both members of Magnagora. I spent all morning reading old forum posts and in game news, reminiscing about the Disciples of Crow, remembering how Visaeris convinced Silvenae to deflect to Serenwilde in order to (unsuccessfully) break Serenwilde's monopoly on alchemy.

    After Visaeris left Magnagora and dissolved the Disciples of Crow clan, I had a brief stint playing Terentia and I believe that Visaeris was Her first Order member (much to the chagrin of many.) I forgot about so many great friends from that time period (Richter, Chade, Guido, the players behind Lisaera and Raezon at the time... I'm sure there's many others I'm forgetting.)

    We had a pretty intense falling out during the early days of Glomdoring and literally hadn't spoken since then. I can't believe it's been almost a decade. I had no idea we had both moved to Los Angeles and I'm gutted we didn't stay in touch. Rest in peace, Kate. 
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    Some articles are now being written. One can google: "kate von roeder"

    This in my opinion is one of the better ones:

    You tell Wyrden Ravager Tarken, "Come to Gaudiguch. I'll give you the title of Grand Moth."
    Eyes peering skywards as he thinks, Ironbeard the Magnanimous says to Sksez, "Welll, on my gooD lis *hic* t, we have....Stei *hic* ng *hic* rim.U..Xypherv....Luu *hic* hghaigh *hic* hhe....Breandryn....."
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    Still thinking about you, Kate. 
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    Vis and I were always on the opposite sides in game. She with the DoC and myself with the Summer Court. We never talked outside of the game but on occasion I would get a tell from her and we would chat. Usually it was about our characters and our organizations goals and motivations. We wouldn't reveal secrets but we'd discuss what we wanted to accomplish and why. Once we even tentatively theorized about what we could accomplish if we were to work together. In the end we both failed pretty badly and neither of us accomplished what we wanted to in Lustenia. We even commiserated about it once in MKO. It was worth a laugh at the time. Vis always came across as a bit chaotic but also as someone with a very keen mind. I enjoyed plotting against her and she provided some fun times.
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    Christ...what a horrible day this has been. I was just talking IG offhandedly and mentioned Visaeris and Pectus told me what many memories so many fights, and fun times. Roleplaying with Visaeris was always a blast in a place where committed roleplay was hard to find...frig my last message from Her from 2004....I...I'm going to go get a drink. Rest in peace Kate, I hope your sleep is easier then you found your life :(

    Visaeris sent message #162 at 04/22 23:38:
       I must ask you to contact me as soon as you're in the realms. I have a few 
    matters I need to speak with you about.
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    Yes,really sad.
    I wish I could have chatted with her....I have similar issues and that's why I fully understand her suicide. 
    I don't know what is her fate now but hope it's better then living here with that kind of pains.
    As she said: "(..)And even if that belief is wrong and there's nothing but blackness waiting for me, it beats living day after day trapped in my own misery. It beats being exhausted... All the time."
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    Estarra said:
    We've set up a memorial for Visaeris in the Hall of memories. It was hard to create--indeed, I was pretty shook up over this. Please leave your thoughts and memories.
    There was a brief upset where the monument changed locations. That should no longer be an issue, and we thank those who informed us of it.
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    I found out what happened not too long ago and it was pretty wrecking to hear.

    Visaeris, Revan and I won the war seal event many years ago, and Revan and I decided he should take the Seal of War.

    Rest easy old friend. Like Vathael, I'll never forget you.

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    What terrible, sad news. My heart goes out to her family and friends.
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