See your aetherwillpower.

AnitaAnita Member Posts: 891 Transcendent
Ok, when I lock into a module on my or anyone else's aethership, I can see what the hull health is at, my aetherwillpower and the power. Now, I'm trying to teach a little about aethercraft and aetherships to one of my guild, only when she locked into one of the modules, she didn't see the aetherwillpower or anything - is there something that she needs to do to see it or what? Quite confused here. I thought it always came up when you locked in.

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  • SsalissSsaliss Member Posts: 3,575 Transcendent
    It should always come up. Did she see the hull and balance? Or did she get the normal prompt?
  • AnitaAnita Member Posts: 891 Transcendent
    She said she couldn't see anything - I explained what she should be seeing, but all she could see was her normal health, mana, ego..and that's it - unless you have to have full prompt on? 
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