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Righty-oh. I was also trying to figure out how to make this post a question but nothing I do seems to make it so.

But now on to the point. Illithoid Nekotai looking for some input on tattoos. Hoping to maybe get into combat at some point. I don't influence - for obvious reasons.

I am thinking cutting/magic/blunt damage absorption, illusion perception, cutting damage buff (or other possibly?), and interference. Any other suggestions?


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    There is a guild help scroll on this. But this may be a good place to put down a reference.

    Monks gain double dmp bonus from tattoos. This means that defensive tattoos are usually worth the most for your investment. If you plan properly and take into account your other skill/org defenses, you can probably get up to 30 dmp in all damage types at the end of the day. I personally have 40-80 dmp in all my damage types, though I also have most skills transed. There's not much point going that high, though, as dmp effectiveness goes down.

    Basically, as a monk, you can reach decently high dmp and still have weight for other investments. The rest aren't really all that useful, damage buff is nice for both cutting and blunt, and interference helps a little. If you intend to bash and offer a lot, divine tattoo might not be a bad idea.

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