Newbie question!

DotharmokDotharmok Member Posts: 3 Inept
Pretty straightforward question though I think the answer is going to be complicated:

Faeling Ebonguard - Good or bad?


  • LeradLerad Member Posts: 2,405 Transcendent
    If you go Totems, it isn't too bad. The stats are decent, and you get +bal. Lower str than aslaran (who also get +bal), though. It'll make for less than optimal (read: not good) bashing at low levels, because you'll also be squishy.

    It might not be a bad choice at the higher levels, though.

  • DotharmokDotharmok Member Posts: 3 Inept
    After having a read on the forums about the different spec races it seemed that they get a pretty raw deal. 
  • AkyaevinAkyaevin Member Posts: 586 Fabled
    The problem with spec races being better for their guild than normal races is that one will inevitably be better than even the other spec races (see: warbling trill/shadowsinger faeling) and also better than the general races, so the best race is only available to one guild. Having the non-spec races be best is actually easier, with the spec races trading off RP for pure minmaxing.

    Some spec races are better at it than others, admittedly.
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    Dotharmok said:
    After having a read on the forums about the different spec races it seemed that they get a pretty raw deal. 
    Part of the reason for certain races getting spec perks it doing so applies a bit of natural selection to orgs so that if someone picks Merian...they tend to be Celestian, if they pick Elfen...they tend to be in Serenwilde, etc. Without those perks you'd wand up with the rp pressure on one hand and the pressure to pick race like you're picking out a sword or robes, e.g what the player feels is most effective. You also probably get now and then someone picking a race primarily and then org to match.
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    Thank you for all your comments, it's really helped to understand this all better. I decided to go Krokani as I want to go bonecrusher when I graduate
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    There was a long stretch were Serenwilde was mostly made up of not elfens, or elfens racehatting into non-elfens. Though it is pretty elfen-y these days.

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