Illidaen, Marked of Darkness

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Here's a log of bestowing Illidaen with the Shadowdancers guild honour. I've had the thought for several weeks now and decided to go through with it today since @Illidaen, @Violyte, and myself were all present! Raves go out to @Tylwyth for attending! Go us. This was all spur of the moment and all typos, which I hope will all be excused, have been fixed here for clarity.

(Glomdoring): You say, "The Coven of Night extends its invitation to gather at the Master Ravenwood."

You say, "Prince Illidaen, at last we have convened."

Before the Master Ravenwood Tree.
Lovely coltsfoot carpets the forest floor. Sprays of chervil cover the forest floor. Brennan Stormcrow paces here, his cadaverous body twitching with sudden jerks. The Master Ravenwood Tree towers over everything here, pulsing with an immeasurable yet dark power. Casting darkness all around, a shadow totem thrusts up from the ground, chilling the air. There are 5 dark nighthags here.  In the shape of an open palm, a metallic sigil lies here. There are 4 black direwolves here. There are 2 armoured bats here. There are 5 illithoid scourges here. There are 5 shadowlord widowriders here. A crudely crafted shrine of harsh black crystal stands here, thrumming powerfully. An animated skeleton stands here with a ghostly outline of a wasp around its skull. An animated skeleton stands here with a ghostly outline of a beetle around its skull. An animated skeleton stands here with a ghostly outline of a bat around its skull. An animated skeleton stands here with a ghostly outline of a spider around its skull. Covered in bone armour, a green eyelash viper is slithering about here.  A mature rowan tree stands proudly here. Prince Illidaen blackens the area here with the cold presence of Mother Night. He wields an athame dagger in his left hand and a winged faeling greatshield in his right. Violyte Nightshade is here, shrouded. She wields an athame dagger in her left hand and a runic greatshield of shadowy steel in her right.
You see a single exit leading north.

Illidaen nods his head emphatically.

You say, "Since your youth, you have served the Coven, and Mother Night Herself, and so rose to become a Prince, yourself."

You say, "You have served both as the Prince of Shadows and the Prince of Darkness, and you have
served Her well."

Prince Illidaen says, "Aye."

Darach Tylwyth Nightshade says, "Did I miss it?"

You say to Illidaen, "Your devotion to Mother Night is not overlooked," he glances towards Violyte,
"do you wish to say some words yourself, Princess?"

You tell Darach Tylwyth Nightshade, "Shh."

You wink conspiratorially at Tylwyth.

Tylwyth tells you, "OH, sorry."

Violyte nods her head.

Her dark eyes contemplating the Prince, Violyte Nightshade says, "I remember when you first stepped up as one of our Princes, and it impressed me. Night looks well upon those who are motivated to carry on Her ways and Her will. The Coven appreciates your service."

You nod your head emphatically.

You have emoted: Siam takes out his athame, he nods towards Violyte, motioning for Violyte to step close

Violyte Nightshade strides toward you, nodding in acceptance.

Wreathing his athame in shadowfire, you ask, "Your palm, Princess?"

Violyte Nightshade holds out her hand and turns it over to show her palm, positioning it for you.

Gently taking Violyte's hand in his left, you say, "Blood...," he pauses and looks at everyone present with his twin star-eyes, "...blood is the bounty of the victorious and the sorrow of the fallen. The scent of blood upon the air, its taste upon our lips. So the second Triad of Night is Marked, by blooded mist."

You have emoted: Siam slashes his athame over Violyte's palm, drawing blood which is consumed by the shadowfire wreathing his athame, tinging the flames with dark crimson

Turning towards Illidaen, you say, "Step forward, Prince."

Violyte's face remains expressionless at the sacrificial cut, her eyes determined and focused as she lowers her hand.

Illidaen slowly steps forward as requested.

Black Shuck, the Darkhound pads about the area, sniffing at the air.

You have emoted: thrusts his athame towards Illidaen, eyeing where his heart should lie, stabbing the empty air between them. Shadowfire courses in a thick stream towards the Prince, wreathing him in the cold, consuming inferno. Siam continues, "The howling within the shadows, marks those who hunt the Night!" Twin star-eyes glowing fiercely," In stealth, the shadowbound walk, yet ever they turn the illuminated aside." The shadows around seethe as he finishes, "So the Third of the Triad of Night is Marked, by silent descent.

Looking at the Prince amidst the tenebrous inferno, you say, "Kneel, Prince."

Illidaen kneels onto one knee, demonstrating his humility and respect.

Black Shuck, the Darkhound snarls quietly, his scarlet gaze sweeping the area.

Taking the Crown of Conquering Darkness from his head, you say, "Had you strove for it, you would have become King yourself. You are worthy to serve Her in all capacity. Hide though you might within Her shadows, you are not overlooked."

You remove the Crown of the Conquering Darkness.

Holding the Crown above the Prince, you say, "The sibilant whispers of gravestones, the dead speak truths unheard by living flesh. Tend to the living who are marked for death, taken once more into Her embrace. So the First of the Triad of Night is Marked, by mournful wailing."

Crowning the Prince at last, you say, "Arise, Prince. You have served Her well, and we are aware that you shall continue to. Truly the dead speak the truths of your might and mercy, or lack thereof, as the Prince of Darkness."

Illidaen stands up and stretches his arms out wide.

With a tap of the Crown of the Conquering Darkness, you bestow the guild's highest honour on Illidaen.

You let loose a long breath from your lungs, exhaling slowly.

Violyte nods her head.

Softly, you say, "It is done."

Comprehension flashes across Illidaen's face.

With a flourish of his arm, Illidaen bows deeply.

4920h, 6000m, 5400e, 10p, 21900en, 27900w elrx-readlog glomdoring
2015/02/23 07:21:33 - Tylwyth donated 25000 gold.
2015/02/23 07:36:57 - Kioden stepped out of the Portal of Fate as a commune member.
2015/02/23 07:41:02 - Siam honoured Illidaen for: throughout the years he has earned great renown, and though he strives to hide his shadow within the whole that is the Glomdoring, that is the Coven of Night, it is not overlooked. Walk proud, Prince, and bear this Mark proudly upon your brow.

Tylwyth tells you, "What is done?"

Prince Illidaen says, "I am..most graciously humble in servitude of Night."

To all in attendance, you say, "Your presence here is greatly appreciated," looking at the Princess, "especially yours."

You say to Illidaen, "Serve well, Prince. Your might is great, and it is needed."

You tell Darach Tylwyth Nightshade, "We have bestowed Illidaen with the Mark of Darkness, the Coven's highest honour."

Prince Illidaen says to you, "Understood, my King."

Prince Illidaen says to Violyte, "I shall be looking forward to working with you soon enough."

Violyte Nightshade says to Illidaen, "And I, you."

Your eyes twinkle enchantingly.

You nod your head emphatically.
Viravain, Lady of the Thorns shouts, "And You would seize Me? Fool! I am the Glomdoring! I am the Wyrd, and beneath the cloak of Night, the shadows of the Silent stir!"



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