The Annointment of Eirien

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Hey folks! Here's a short log of @Eirien's annointment prior to welcoming her into the order(because I can't yet so we're waiting on @Astraea or @Ragniliff, boo Siam blunt tool). Please excuse any errors/typos. :) Woo, more Seekers! Thanks to @Salome for participating as well,

Promenade of roses.
The shadowy outline of a twisted forest casts a dark gloom here. A pink, portly pony with a short
tail stands here quietly. Shadowbound Eirien is here, shrouded. She wields a nature talisman in her
left hand. Salome, the White Weaver is here. She wields an athame dagger in her left hand.
You see exits leading out and through a clear pool.

The last vestiges of midnight shadows flee as Mother Night hides herself from the luminous arrival of her shining mate as he chases her across the bowl of the sky.

You have emoted: Siam casts shadows about the surroundings in defiance of the Sun.

You nod your head emphatically.

Dipping her hand into a shadow cauldron, Salome pulls out a long shadow and releases it into the air. The room darkens with the churning darkness.

You close your eyes and inhale deeply, absorbing the scent of your surroundings.

You say, "We gather now for the annointing of the Shadowbond Eirien, who has heeded the call of the Thorns," he pauses, "if you are both ready, we shall begin."

Eirien inclines her head to you both in deference, and to show she is.

Salome nods her head emphatically.

You have emoted: Siam taps his cudgel upon the ground causing a wave of shadowfire to ripple from him, purifying the space and leaving those present unharmed. As they fade, the faint scent of roses lingers.

Salome alights to the King's side with a short lift of her dazzling, grey-gold wings.

You have emoted: Siam strides towards the pool's edge, leaving his cudgel on the ground before he wades into its depths.

Eirien watches the two with quiet attentiveness, respectful and uncertain as yet of what's expected.

Salome motions with a small finger to Eirien, gesturing her to approach the rippling waves of the pool.

Now waist-deep in the pool, you ask, "The Lady Thorn has called you into Her service, Eirien," he motions for Eirien to come closer, "She will grant you True Awakening, will you cleave to Her?"

Eirien moves forward, coming to the edge of the pool and hesitating a moment before deciding that it likely is alright for her to enter. Once that choice is made she steps forward, slipping into the waters as easily as if she were walking on a pathway still, and moves closer to you and Salome.

Shadowbound Eirien says, "I will cleave to Her, Sire."

You have emoted: Siam sets black roses afloat around him, plucked from his wreath. Satisfied, his twin star-eyes eye Eirien intently

Shadowfire suddenly flares above each rose, perfuming the air with an intoxicating fragrance, you say, "Then come hither, and fall into Her embrace - into Her freedom."

Eirien moves closer still, eyes shifting to look at the flowers floating on the surface of the water and perfuming the air.

Salome curls her lips upwards, as she presses her hands together in a brief steep'ling of her long, but tiny fingers. Her eyes shine bright, as the shadowfire lingers around her form, washing her form with the brief glimpses of the silouhette of a woman fully realized. Her full lips twitch in satisfaction.

Softly, you say, "Speak now, your oath."

Eirien dips her head in recognition of your order and reaches out to brush her fingers along the satin petals of a rose floating nearby.

Shadowbound Eirien says, "I vow that I will strive to keep my words as soft as these petals, alluring as the scent of Her flower."

Eirien slips her hand downwards, following along the stem delicately until her fingers find a larger thorn, thick and woody.

Shadowbound Eirien says, "I assert that beneath the delicacy and beauty of my words will always lie a sharpness of mind that is ready to rend enemies in ways they would not anticipate."

Eirien presses the pad of her finger against the thorn, piercing her flesh and causing an upwelling of blood. She holds her hand there long enough to allow a drop to gather on the wooden needle, then pulls away to take hold of a monochromatic tea bottle of tessellating roses. Cradling the vessel carefully, she presses her wound against it in such a way that more of the sanguine liquid is forced forth and she watches until a line of crimson has painted the black and white flowers of the bottle.

Shadowbound Eirien says, "I dedicate myself to Lady Viravain, and enshrine Her rose within myself, that this symbol of Hers may guide my words and choices in all things."

Eirien lifts the bottle to her lips and takes a deep drink of rose tea, then extends the bottle to you in offering.

Eirien takes a drink from a monochromatic tea bottle of tessellating roses.

Eirien gives a monochromatic tea bottle of tessellating roses to you.

You have emoted: Siam falls silent upon hearing the sacred vows, overtaken by a somber mien. His twin star-eyes gaze deeply into Eirien.

Lifting the bottle to his lips, you say, "I will partake of your offering to the Lady."

You take a drink of white tea from a monochromatic tea bottle of tessellating roses.
As you sip the white tea, your thoughts become clearer.
The wistful aroma of winter's rose and white peach rises to meet your
senses; as you tilt the tea towards you, you perceive the pale,
berylline tint of the liquid, strained of all dregs, steam rising in
graceful arabesques from the surface. Taking a careful sip of the
freshly-brewed tea, the fragrant, fruity taste of white peach spills
smoothly across your tongue, its light, subtle flavour commingling with
that of rose. The floral and fruity savour of the tea is almost cooling,
redolent of roses blooming in the wake of winter's breath, and
sun-ripened peaches caught in the first frost of the season. The essence
of the tea soothes your senses as you swallow, bearing its silken,
liquid warmth to your belly.

You close your eyes and inhale deeply, absorbing the scent of your surroundings.

You have emoted: Siam seals and lets go of the bottle, setting it afloat upon the pool.

As the offering is lost to the depths of the pool, you say, "May your vows ring true, for they are now with Her in truth."

Salome tilts her head slowly to one side, her nostrils twitching with the scent of blood wafting lazily through the air. Her expression now muted, remains fixed solely on the ceremony before her. Her long tendrils of hair lift and whip at a sudden overtaking of a summer's breeze, bringing the scent of decaying roses through the strong, cloying scent of lifefluid.

You have emoted: Siam cups his hands together, gathering rose water within his palms and raises them above Eirien.

You say, "Let waters graced by Her touch part away the veil that blinds you," he lets the intoxicating liquid fall upon Eirien, "and long may you serve."

Eirien looks upwards briefly and then as you speaks, directly to your eyes, her own remaining open as the rosewater streams down her face.

Shadowbound Eirien says, "By Her will."

You have emoted: Siam whispers the beginnings of a darksome melody, the words lost but not the meaning, for it manifests itself: it resonates with the surroundings, bringing a measure of Wyrden beauty all around as roses bloom and briers creep.

You remove a wreath of midnight black roses.

Softly, you say, "By Her will," he moves to crown Eirien with the wreath as he repeats a final time, "by Her will"."
With a quick beat of her wings Salome rises to circle slowly around Eirien, studying her curiously.

You give a wreath of midnight black roses to Shadowbound Eirien.

Eirien slips into a wreath of midnight black roses.
Eirien grasps a wreath of midnight black roses, then shudders, dropping it with a sudden rustling of flowers to the ground.

Nodding, you say, "Soon, you, and the Weaver will hold one of your own."

You let loose a long breath from your lungs, exhaling slowly.

Salome gives a wreath of midnight black roses to you.

You slip into a wreath of midnight black roses.
Lifting a wreath of midnight black roses, you slip the circlet onto your head. The thorns turn aside, brushing your skin without piercing. The scent of roses fills your nose, and the world blurs into a cool fog that swirls around you, bringing a measure of Wyrden beauty to your surrounds.

You have emoted: Siam casts a somber gaze over the floating roses as they sink one by one into the depths of the pool. Satisfied, he walks back to firm ground.

Eirien watches quietly, leaving the pool only when you has fully exited.

You smile softly.

You say, "We will formally induct you into the Order once the Widow or the Lady Nightshade awakens."

Her wings holding her aloft, gliding along the lowest rungs of the promenade's roses, Salome, the White Weaver says, "My own baptism was tailored by my decision, such as this. You are unique, as all are the petals of the singular Rose of Truth."

Eirien inclines her head, easily accepting. "Your will, Sire."

Viravain, Lady of the Thorns shouts, "And You would seize Me? Fool! I am the Glomdoring! I am the Wyrd, and beneath the cloak of Night, the shadows of the Silent stir!"


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    My face when my wares are used in an icky glom ritual.

    I used to make cakes.

    Estarra the Eternal says, "Give Shevat the floor please."
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    Daraius But your wares make me happy!

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    Not going to lie, this is cool. I've been wondering to myself if Tark could/should attempt a 180 on his attitude towards Vira and join her order for the excellent personal rp opportunities it would give me. Granted, this is a new idea I'm exploring before deciding one way or the other, and it would be a crappy thing since I just bought a worg that I'd probably just turn over to some other Shikari person...

    But man. Uber cool log.
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    You can keep your worg. I kept mine.
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