Farsyk's Vision Quest to Become Eagle's Wing

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@Farsyk inches closer to the fire, dragging his bottom.

Everiine Silvermoon sits opposite Farsyk on the other side of the fire. "You seek a servant of the Seer, one who is known for its explorations. Are you ready to enter the realm of the Warrior Spirits and test yourself?" he asks

Farsyk takes a deep breath and nods affirmitively, "I am."

Everiine Silvermoon nods to Farsyk and picks up a small pouch of herbs from beside the fire. Opening the top, he drops the pouch into the flames, and it catches nearly immediately due to its dryness. He chants softly over the fire, calling forth a way to pierce the veil that divides the realms.

Shutting his eyes, Farsyk wonders where he'll find himself next.

The darkness behind your eyes deepens into the pitch blackness of a moonless night, and even the stars that develop in your vision barely pierce the sky. It is difficult to make out anything in your surroundings, except through touch and sound. There is dirt and grass beneath your feet, and the hushed voices of crickets echo from somewhere beyond. "I cannot see you," says the voice of Everiine from somewhere beside you. "Where are you?"

Farsyk stretches his arms forth, trying to guide himself through the blanket of darkness, "I'm here, Chief Everiine! Time must move differently here, for I am sure it was daylight." Still feeling the air, Farsyk feels a sudden thud in his palm and what feels to be of a feather structure. Stroking the feather-like object, he tries to understand the nature of what he is touching.

The feathered object throws itself against you and pulls from your hand. "Oi!" Everiine's voice says. "Leave the wing alone." Obviously, he is right next to you--but the darkness is still so deep and profound that, even at such close distance, you cannot see him. "The realm takes many forms--day and night do not always have the same meaning," he says. "It will be difficult to find the Servant of the Eagle here in this darkness."

Brushing his hands, Farsyk Starleaf squints into the void. Tugging for his totamic bond, he reaches for the Wolf Spirit, bonding himself. Scenting the air, he smells the old stench, like old parchments, pumating from you among many other things.

Farsyk Starleaf says to you, "I believe we're not alone..."

Everiine flutters his wings, the sound quite loud in your heightened sense of hearing. "I would be surprised if that were the case," he says. "But, which will happen first? Will we find our target, or will it find us?"

Settling down on all fours, Farsyk Starleaf crawls slowly sniffing ground and air, "I smell two things. One alone coming from the east and..." Sniffing the air once more, "... And a large group approaching us rather quickly from the west! I believe our target is to the east!" Tugging your leg, Farsyk earges eastward.

Farsyk wrings his hands together nervously.

Everiine attempts to follow you, relying on the soft sounds of your footfalls to guide him. "I believe we both know what the group approaching means. Let us hope that they are as hindered by the darkness as we are," he says. What sort of Servant could live and explore in such a place? he wonders.

Passing overhead, a flock of Rocs fly by. The squaks and roars of the Rocs approach closer from the distance. With a sudden tingle of alertness, Farsyk begins to trot eastward, occasionally sniffing behind him to ensure the presence of his guide is in distance, while keeping checks on the flock of Rocs. Rushing foward, a ticket of brushes slap Farsyk's face. Hacking and spitting out the few leaves that found a home in his mouth, he tumbles forward as his legs hit a slumbering creature--which smells to be a gazelle.

A rustle and a yelp comes from the slumbering creature, which bolts upright and attempts to bound off into the distance away from its unseen predator. Everiine is still somewhere behind you, but stumbles through the thicket, trying to follow the sound of the yelp.

Reaching to where you might be, Farsyk Starleaf pulls on you, "That must have been our guide! Quick, we must hurry!" Sprinting towards the trail of lingering scent, Farsyk cries out into the darkness, "Servant of the Seer! We are here only to ask for guidance! I meant no harm!"

You run smack into the side of the creature, which stopped sometime after your sentence. "You come on behalf of my Master?" says the gazelle, revealing in its old voice a long, full life; a creature that has many more years behind it than it does ahead. It must have turned in the darkness, for now, it brings its nose to your forehead, and breathes against it. "Speak, traveler, and I will tell you what I know." Everiine follows behind, keeping a part of his wing against you.

Bowing his head slightly, forgetting himself, Farsyk bumps his forehead into the the gazelle muzzle. Quickly raising arms in defence and apologies, his hands strike the creature under the jaw. Eyes buldging and heat pervading his cheeks, "I'm so sorry! It is dark and I've lost many functions! Please do forgive me! However, we must be quick. I believe a flock of rocs are not far behind." Taking in a deep breath, "I have come to this realm to ask guidance of one as far traveled as you. When exploring, what exactly are you exploring for?"

Burning, Farsyk adds quickly, "Oh, I have to to introduce myself! I am Farsyk Starleaf, Lodge Keeper of the Serenguard! My guide is High Chief Everiine of the Guard."

Farsyk begins to sweat in a nervous wreck. Flustered from all his fumbling.

"I know who you are," it says, turning to Everiine . "And I know your guide. He is spoken of by my Master." Turnins back to you, it answers your question. "For survival, of course," the old gazelle explains and gives you a lick on the cheek, attempting to calm you. "And yet, for pleasure, also." Its hoofed foot clops against the ground. "I wander and explore to find new sources of food and water, for mine cannot stay in one place for too long. By exploring, I find new places to live that can support me. But I also explore, because there are such wonders in the world that are hidden in plain sight, that few have seen. I have seen them, and I am better for having done so."

Not far from distance, the drumming thump of beating wings vibrate the air. Wind begins to pick up as though each flap was pushing the air away. Taking a claming breath, Farsyk begins to mellow, despite the obvious danger approaching, "Thank you brother for your guidance. You have shown me that I am only hurting myself by not venturing into unseen land."

Nuzzling you again, the gazelle responds, "Don't be so hard on yourself. You never had to. Now, you know that you could not live any other way. Once you see the wonders around you, there can be not stop to your explorations. There will always be more to see, so you will never be bored. I have seen many things in my long life. And there are many things I did not see. Yet, I am happy, knowing that I never stopped migrating, I never stopped traveling. Never stop walking." He turns to Everiine and says, "Never stop flying."

The shriek of predatory birds knife through the air. (Thank you to whoever was watching and threw this in!)

Everiine turns his head upward, unable to see anything in the darkness.

Giving the gazelle a deep hug, giving his thanks, "Than--" Suddently, a swoosh of cutting wind passes though Farsyk as the gazelle lurches out of his embrace, bolting off into the distance. The gazelle cries out from a distance that must have been a mile, "I'm sure we will see each other again! Be well, Farsyk!"

Everiine waves an unseen farewell to the gazelle, keeping his wing on you so as not to get lost. "Fare well, my friend," he whispers, then turns his attention to you. "It is becoming increasingly unsafe. Let us return to our waking," he says. The rustle of wind whips around you--but, it is impossible to see what is making it. Slowly, surely, the light begins to return.

Shakes his head, struggling to open his eyes, Farsyk brings his arms to his temple and beings to rub generously.

Everiine blinks his eyes, adjusting to the light.

Still rubbing his temples Farsyk says to High Chief Everiine, "Walking around blind is never pleasant, I have made a fool of myself."

You say to Farsyk, "And yet, blind, you still managed to find what you sought."

Lodge Keeper Farsyk Starleaf, Jaguar's Hunter says, "Aye, that I have."

The corners of Farsyk's mouth turn up as he grins mischievously.

You flash Farsyk a joyous smile.

(Farsyk had to leave after this point, but we got through the important stuff!)

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    @Farsyk inches closer to the fire, dragging his bottom.

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