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    Enyalida said:
    "If a particular part is not pierced, it will not be displayed in the listing."

    Oh...well shit I got everything pierced on like day 2
  • LavinyaLavinya Queen of Snark Australia

    Syntax: PIERCE <person> <body part>
    Note that piercings are irreversible, though if you are not wearing any jewellery in a piercing there will be no way to tell that that body part is pierced, beyond use of the PIERCINGS command (see HELP PIERCINGS). Body parts that may be pierced are:

    a) left/right eyebrow
    b) left/right nostril
    c) septum (the part of the nose between your nostrils)
    d) upper/lower lip
    e) tongue
    f) labret (between bottom lip and chin)
    g) left/right ear (up to five piercings allowed in each ear)
    h) left/right nipple
    i) navel

  • edited May 2015
    So I recently started tinkering with tailoring again, and I decided to find out about the exact thresholds for warmth, something I wanted to find out since it came out. So here it is:
    essentially naked - 0 to 7
    scantily-clad - 8 to 14
    a bit underdressed - 15 to 29
    dressed comfortably - 30 to 44
    dressed warmly - 45 to 59 (5% slower from heat)
    bundled up - 60 to 74 (10% slower from heat)
    heavily bundled up - 75 to 111 (15% slower from heat)
    a thermal cocoon - 112 and above (20% slower from heat)

    I ran out of clothes, so I couldn't check the thresholds for higher levels than cocoon (if there are any). The weather when I was testing was the following:

    There is a moderate breeze here.
    Large, heavy raindrops splash upon the ground.
    It is warm and quite pleasant.

    Don't have access to Shamanism, so I can't tweak the weather either. Maybe someone else can find out what weather interacts with what level of warmth.

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