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We've all been to that one wedding that was so amasing it left us short of breath and looking forward to our own. However, what is it that makes a wedding so spectacular? I firmly believe it's the planning - having everything set to go perfectly before anything can go wrong will keep the day memorable for everyone, and leave you feeling like you've single-handedly saved the day.

In real life, you have to plan seating arrangements, pick a venue, go through countless tastings and fittings, and train every single person participating in the event on how to do their part until they're sure to not mess up. You deal with a hundred and three changes from the bride, and occasionally one or two plain refusals from the groom, and don't even get me started on catering. Day of, you have to watch the proceedings like a hawk, being everywhere at once as well as providing emotional support to everyone that needs it. Cold feet and tens of hundreds of thousands of things can go wrong, and it's all in all a stressful day.

Lusternia, I think, is simpler. The food can be made RL days in advance, kept in a stockroom until you need it - the same with clothing. The bride and the groom can both create their own clothes, and all you have to worry about is making sure they match...somewhat. You can redesign the entire manse exactly how you want a million times over, just so long as you have the gold, so you can go from a desert wedding to an arctic wedding as fast as you can type. People rarely need emotional support, but the guest list does become ten times as difficult to manage, ensuring the most important people can attend often changing dates so harshly that others won't be able to attend without staying up until two to three in the morning.

What tips and tricks do you people who have gone through this before in the game have to offer for someone who might technically qualify as a bridezilla?
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    Best advice: Nothing matters but Glomdoring.

    But really, more on the topic, remember that at least half of your careful planning will probably go to waste. I remember planning weeks for a certain wedding for it to just not happen as a result of the stress. Yes, I went the '"fuck errthang, I'mma just marry us myself and y'all can get bent" route. Don't let it discourage you, as you should still plan for perfection and hope that the stars align for your cosmically-insignificant fun tiems, but all the same do not be surprised or throw a fit when suddenly everything goes wrong. The same can really be said of any pre-arranged roleplay scenario.
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    Best wedding plan ever and no gigantic mess of a preparation needed: elope with your loved one!

    Just like couples who have been crushed by the heavy planning decide this isn't fun anymore and the hell with everything. Let's do something radical that most of our families will hate us for... then go to Las Vegas. RP that... and elope somewhere to do wild things and marry like an insane person. This is much more romantic and fun overall.
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    Irl I see the whole institution as kind of a joke, but Daraius is all about love and marriage (no really!).

    But I've only had one character married in all my IRE gaming years. From my limited experience, I know scheduling is generally a mess, but no more difficult than a play rehearsal. You only really need the wedding couple and the officiant. Everyone else can read the logs later.

    Having divine connections can be hit or miss. You can either get Isune's magical rainbow pavilion or Volucer's vaudeville menagerie. Or you can have two gods in the same room inevitably hogging everyone else's attention. Some people are into that.

    Don't pick a location with wandering mobs or horse shit ambients.

    For Dar's wedding I had a couple scripts planned depending on what guests (or What Guests) showed up and whether I felt like performing a world shattering critical kiss, but I didn't know in advance how Arel was going to officiate. It was fine, despite Sylandra's friends having absconded with her to study at a diner that night.

    I used to make cakes.

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    I've done two marriages in Valtreth's order, one in Fain's, and one in Crumkane but for a city member who wasn't in the order. They were all done free form, with maybe an emote or two thrown together ahead of time.

    IMO, what makes ingame marriages great is spontaneity. You can take a basic "Are you sure you want to be married to this person" and expand on it in an rp sense to basically create a one of a kind ceremony to be remember for a long while. Prescripted ceremonies with rehearsal sucks.
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    Speaking of spontaneity, I was kidnapped without notice by Calythan and brought to my own wedding, which I didn't know was happening. Of course, it led to receiving amazing gifts which are better than rings.
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    One of the reasons I love test-based games like this over say, forum based roleplay, is the spontaneity. I prefer to plan only the bare minimal essentials, and leave everything else up to the moment and the influence of the other people present.

    If I were you, I'd plan your celebrant, some food, location and rings and then leave everything else up to the other parties involved. Script following is far less fun to me than not knowing just what everyone else will do.

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    Prescripted ceremonies with rehearsal sucks.
    If you're picked as someone's officiant, I think it's only courteous to plan out your own script! I agree rehearsals would be overkill, but an improvised wedding doesn't seem like it'd be very satisfying. Could be my Hallifaxian sensibilities though. :\"> Arel even made us a wedding license. That was a lovely touch.
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    I used to make cakes.

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    I've always thought Ulthaed should be able to marry everyone in a variation of the Nai'dorin.
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