Prioritised Curing



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    Thanks for the reply, I will work on the assumption we might be able to move some cure times around. Though every time a cure balance is increased groups become even worse to think about.   Very sad :(
  • VadiVadi Member Posts: 256 Gifted
    I've got no opinion on whenever other implementations are going to be added, but if any are, then targetted cures need to go in so as not to force the user to setup stuff serverside just to use it.
  • DelphasDelphas Member Posts: 488 Virtuoso
    I think targeting cures in addition to the current mechanic is a Good Thing.  Everyone's existing scripts work just fine, everyone's existing ``manual reflexes'' continue to work just fine (Got stupidity? SIP LUCIDITY).  So the novices are covered w/o re-writing tons of documentation and in-game help (just a few touch-ups here and there), the veterans get a new edge (if they're savvy enough), and the debates around where Green or Gedulah fit in the skill-ranks or if they should be enchantable or not could be moved to a separate thread where they might get the attention they deserve.
  • MarcellaMarcella Member Posts: 1,231 Transcendent

    This is the kind of nonsense that happens when the coders either forget to prioritize aeon curing or just let something really, really stupid go by.
  • MaligornMaligorn Windborne Member Posts: 2,809 Transcendent
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    @Ieptix and/or @Saesh said specifically several times that soothing steam should prioritise aeon every time, and that it would be one of the very few exceptions. Not working as intended.

  • SaeshSaesh Gods Posts: 268 Divine
    The coders have a better line of sight to issues when you BUG them. 
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    Hope no one minds that I'm resurrecting this thread. Please let me know if the conversation has moved elsewhere and I just missed it. Were these issues ever resolved? Are the focus skills being completely tossed, or will they be reworked to allow affliction-specific curing (e.g., focus mind stupidity, drink lucidityslush)? I know that after paralysis was overhauled, focus body was specifically turned back on as a cure because people freaked out... is that a long-term change, or will it be addressed again? Was anything decided about Gedulah?
  • LeradLerad Member Posts: 2,405 Transcendent
    As far as I know, focus body will be gone for paralysis once everything has settled.

    It was turned back on for now because of the way slit-throat and slickness currently works (still on old cures). Without focus body in the current slit-throat + slickness combo, it'd become an easy greenlock that would give some monks and warriors very easy ways to force green.

    Everything else is not yet decided, afaik.

  • IeptixIeptix Member, Moderator, Gods Posts: 819 Divine
    This stuff will be handled after we get the physical affliction/knighthood overhaul finished.

    Specifically for focus body, that will be going away when we do the anorexia/asthma/slickness/damagedthroat conversion.
  • WinnaeWinnae Member Posts: 33 Novice
    Meep, will there be auto-curing? My ping so high...
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