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It's been a while since we've had one of these, and I figured these are rather different from simple ideas. So here goes... Feel free to post your own ideas.

Tables in GMCP. As far as I've understood it (and I could be horribly wrong, of course), the various who and info lists (CWHO, pipelist, beast list, etc etc) use actual row and column data that are translated into a display. It'd be nice if you could get that data in its "raw" form through GMCP as well. For instance, the following list:

      Id   Pipe                                                                     Herb               Puffs    Status 
   12345   a glowing pipe                                                           soothingsteam         20    Lit

would be accompanied by the following GMCP data:

[ [ "Id", "Pipe", "Herb", "Puffs", "Status" ] [12345, "a glowing pipe", "soothingsteam", 20, "lit" ] ]

That way the data in the table is there for handy accessing without having to write a special capture group for each kind of table, as well as ensuring that the data looks right no matter the width of the table.


  • RiviusRivius Your resident wolf puppy Member Posts: 1,681 Transcendent
    I'd really like some beast info on GMCP. Mostly H/M/E and chameleon status.
  • SynkarinSynkarin Nothing to see here Member Posts: 3,216 Transcendent
    Since we're moving affs and defs to GMCP, can we move more balances?

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  • ArdmoreArdmore Member Posts: 509 Fabled
    I still want to see a bit for when a mob has shielded on gmcp!
  • DaganevDaganev Member Posts: 755 Master
    Is there a risk of GMCP getting too large?
  • SsalissSsaliss Member Posts: 3,575 Transcendent
    Well, yes and no, I guess. Stuff like sending table data alongside a table probably won't increase overhead too much since tables aren't sent all the time, but adding too much stuff to vitals that are sent once every prompt probably isn't a great idea. Heck, I'd be all for condensing vitals a bit and only sending data that changed since the last one sent, but that might take too much processor power instead.
  • SsalissSsaliss Member Posts: 3,575 Transcendent
    As a note, this is a summary of the GMCP data that I received during a recent session. I harvested a lot, so that's why there is so much rift changing and items added and removed, so everyone will have their own distribution. It should indicate roughly how it's distributed though:

    Char.Afflictions.List 31
    Core.Goodbye 41
    Room.WrongDir 44
    Char.Name 71
    IRE.Misc.RemindVote 91
    IRE.Misc.Achievement 222
    Char.StatusVars 338
    Room.RemovePlayer 746
    Char.Defences.Add 900
    Char.Status 1061
    Room.AddPlayer 1878
    Char.Skills.Groups 2586
    Comm.Channel.List 2808
    Char.Items.Update 7403
    Comm.Channel.End 12014
    Comm.Channel.Start 12864
    Comm.Channel.Players 12913
    IRE.Rift.List 18736
    Char.Skills.List 67267
    Comm.Channel.Text 88827
    Room.Players 200791
    Char.Items.List 244585
    Core.Ping 253484
    IRE.Rift.Change 544089
    Char.Items.Add 826285
    Char.Items.Remove 850555
    Room.Info 914355
    Char.Defences.List 933270
    Char.Vitals 24267321

    So yes, Vitals is honkingly huge at the moment. There are certainly things in there that could be trimmed though (max stats don't change that often, for instance, and I'm not sure if anyone even uses the old ATCP-value anymore), but that's all a matter for @Ieptix & co.
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