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Art is by the wonderful Gurashi!


  • SolangeSolange Member Posts: 24 Capable
    Love that beard...


    You say, "These young girls and their sense of fashion."

    You peer at vespertine thigh-high boots with six-inch heels unscrupulously.

    Defensively raising his hands, Rawth backs away from the situation slowly.

                              You say, "My undead heart flutters at the prospect."

  • TalanTalan Member Posts: 1,000 Transcendent
    This video will be of great interest to archeologists, anthropologists, and enthusiasts. Many have been confounded by the fashion quirk of fingerless gloves in a pre-touchscreen society, but here we see their original function. (those talons wtf, how does she ....)

    Vive l'apostrophe!
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    edited June 2015
    Fingerless gloves were also useful fro playing guitar and keyboard on cold evenings at youth camps.
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