Because it's never not funny.

ThalkrosThalkros Member Posts: 230 Expert
*DISCLAIMER: There's no real display of skill here, I just thought it was a lols 'you gon die, son' moment.


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    Lemme know if this doesn't work 'cause I dunno how dropbox works:

    My side (in case anyone is interested):

    -- I obviously have a lot of things I need to fix. I keep hitting auras of rebounding :O
    -- And I break my own prism but that's okay! Things to fix!
  • ThalkrosThalkros Member Posts: 230 Expert
    I feel like I've been nuked by a skittle bomb when I look at that. (But yes, it worked fine!)
  • TarkentonTarkenton Traitor Bear Member Posts: 2,555 Transcendent
    Whoa whoa whoa. None of this being civil garbage. You two start insulting each other about your respective op skills right now!
  • ThalkrosThalkros Member Posts: 230 Expert
    Well the whispers probably didn't save you any, but you might want to consider a loud and obnoxious looking echo for ectoplasm because throwing a combo right after that was going to suck when you're already being disrupt spammed.
  • LorahLorah Member Posts: 26 Apprentice
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    I had to go back and change a few things. I feel like my active balances were attempting forms and throwing my own balance with writhing coming afterwards, rendering me unable to writhe off the impale(Not sure if crucify?*)? So I have to play with the order of my triggers if that's the case. I also had to remove an illusion line, I think, hee.

  • SynkarinSynkarin Nothing to see here Member Posts: 3,216 Transcendent
    Ecto aside, it seems like your attempts at performing kata's actually kept you off balance, you would gain balance, try the kata, get the 'can't, impaled' line and be off balance again.

    Everiine said:
    "'Cause the fighting don't stop till I walk in."
    -Synkarin's Lament.
  • LorahLorah Member Posts: 26 Apprentice
    Yeah. That's what I thought was happening. I guess that's what happens when you put your combat triggers above your healing triggers and use stratagems recklessly.
  • CyndarinCyndarin used Flamethrower! It was super effective. Member Posts: 4,508 Transcendent
    I can't help but scowl when I read tahtetso logs. hemihemihemihemihemihemi

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    Pshaw! What else am I supposed to put in my forms? Everything else reduces momentum and crushedfoot/fractured in bomrakini arms\legs both costs 50 more momentum and doesn't really do anything. Regular tahto-tahto-kick forms with modifiers alone are the pits and RNG is not my friend. Plus without a stun-based kick I can't really ensure that my grapple-ender will land and steelgrip means that I have to be at mo4 to use it with speed anyway.
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    A dull glow surrounds a white-gold angelic tahto staff being held in Lorah's left hand.

    Plus ecto? Ouch.
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    So much for Munsia being a non-com now, lol.
  • AeldraAeldra , using cake powered flight Member Posts: 1,319 Transcendent
    I was standing nearby when @Lorah encountered that cow dagger once at least... was not sure if I should be crept out or be giggling insanely. That is one terrifying thing. manifested rage of cows.
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