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  • Please sign this courtship request.
  • Is..is that Xenthos with a sock puppet nomming your face?
  • Bump! Lusternia has been absolutely amazing over these last few months. Sometimes it's quiet and sometimes it's active, but Lusternia keeps on going like the Little Engine That Could.
  • I'm not a coder, but I'd like to urge you to make sure you have a way to toggle this on and off, and make sure it isn't targetting off your alliance clan.
  • Nothing to see here. Heart or like this if Hallifax is the best.
  • Synl said: If he ruled the world, you'd best expect: an endless forest, Glumki making out with Selene. I'm sorry, what?
  • Do we have a table showing what bloodcoins can win? I've spun one, and received a single curio piece from it.
  • "Hey, nice logs but do a better job posting them next time." - Xenthos.
  • Xenthos said: Why did you put these in different threads instead of consolidating them into separate posts in the same thread?  Consolidating lets people follow it instead of having separate threads that are out of order based on who posted whe…
  • Steingrim said: Ayisdra said: Steingrim said: Orael said: Several people have shot me messages or idea'd that Psychodrama is too easy to game for OrgCredit points. Enough that I thought I would bring it here to see wh…
  • The Hobbi(t): our diminutive host explains how to decorate any hole in the hill and make it a home without spending a dwarves' fortune. Quite precious. The Art of Wa(r): a compilation of Anne Geddes' favorite pieces, and more pumpkins than you can …
  • welcome back!
    in Salutations! Comment by Choros June 5
  • Daraius said: Point of curiosity regarding the new pathing. When path tracking with celerity bonuses, do you kind of teleport from room to room or do people see you pass through the ones that are 'skipped' ? You speedwalk down to at the base o…
  • Bump!!! @AllGods: who are you super friends with in the havens that would horrify your order if they knew? @Carakhan : How are you finding your time as a god so far? Any big plans you can hint at? 
  • 02:06:17 (Ad-Hoc): Ayisdra says, "You are going to get demi off the mani, maybe." 02:06:18 (Ad-Hoc): Alexandria says, "Be funny if the Mani was enough to level." Sending: POINT STAFF manifestation You point your staff at a Manifestation of the Dre…
  • How was Ladantine able to channel power through the Megalith from the node on Astral if he was an Aquamancer and not a Celestine?
  • Daraius said: Are there any alternate nouns that can be used for customizing whips? ***UNDER SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES ONLY** You can add an alias to an item (a box to become a chest, for example). This costs an extra 25cr over and above the…
  • Something to keep in mind is that for the most part, X/10 is the maximum you can have without artifacts.  For instance, without a level 1 regen or better, you can have 10/10 max. Getting an artifact can let you get up to X/13 maximum depending on th…
    in Stats Comment by Choros June 2
  • (Luminous Quokka): Alexandria says, "I have lips and I'm not afraid to use them."
  • Ya'll ask more questions than a newbie at the Palace of Pleasure. He was trolling Maligorn.
  • Cocking Her head to the side, Czixi stares levelly at Alexandria with an expressionless gaze. "Well?"   Marquessa Alexandria, Minister and Skylark Agent says to Czixi, "I thought I ought to sign up for things formally rather than just showing up una…
  • Daraius said: Is there a searchable changelog archive outside the game? I don't think so, but there is an Iron Realms helper app on iOS and Android that you can read news, logs, and messages on, and send messages.
  • Daraius said: Oh noooo.  Don't worry, I tend to eliminate witnesses. You'll never even know
  • Character Name: Choros Shevat THE ESSENTIALS Race: Sileni, but Lucidian or Gnome if he weren't. Gender: Male Guild: Consortium, Quartz Syndicate. City/Commune: Hallifax Order: None, but offers heavily to Czixi and some to Isune. THE …
  • I am pleasantly surprised by how well this is going, as well as the variety of the timequake areas. I really enjoy just walking around and exploring the interiors. Kudos for the designers of these!
  • A cubic foot of green "Red Oak" is about 60 pounds. About 68 cubic foot of red oak would be 4095 pounds. So, really, a 4'x4'x4' block of solid oak would be about that much weight.  Or maybe the MM is hollow or ate up by termites, and it's tall but…
  • I made a lot of mistakes, but I'm trying to see what I can do to improve. I'd really like to start working on my curing priorities if that's an issue.