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Steve Inept


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  • Thats what i was looking for then. Bodyscan full sounds like it. Ill try thst next time I'm in game. Thanks!
    in Stats Comment by Steve May 30
  • I just think it's hard to keep up with where your at with all the defenses, artifacts, etc. Would be nice to be able see them at a glance
    in Stats Comment by Steve May 29
  • Looking to buy around 6k or so if anyone else is interested, bumping this instead of creating new thread. 60 per credit Message Barendur if interested
    in Goop Comment by Steve May 23
  • Oh yeah I forgot. It locked me out of account for some reason. Barendur. Msg me if anyone interested in getting rid of goop
    in Goop Comment by Steve April 22
  • Wonder cornucopia. I have a bunch of crystals. Didn't know it gave goop. How does it? How much does goop cost to buy outright from ppl? Genie curios worth?
  • Goop. New concept to me. I want some. How do I get it consistently?
  • Whips worth it? If so what type? What's the cane I see everyone using? There a post or helpfile explaining it/them?
  • Thank you for answers. Went ahead and got started with m&m earlier. Got it setup for the most part. I remember there used to be a command that gave you a list of aliases basically. Like i dont know what to type for it to setup defenses. I know t…
  • Also, is there a reason to have more than one pipe anymore?