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  • Re: Esei Can Draw!

    Also, I have made a t-shirt/sticker design for Ascension 2021's lead-up events, which will undoubtedly remain in many people's minds for a variety of reasons (excellent storytelling aside!). On my Re… (View Post)
  • Re: Lusternian AMA

 I don't think my aesthetic or writing is deliberately inspired by any particular artist - I'm sure some similar stuff has cropped up and I've just not noticed, though. My writing style tend… (View Post)
  • Re: Lusternian Divine AMA

    What's your favorite memory of being a god, so far? Can be crushing a particularly pesky bug, rp with your order (or org, or even a totally random person you didn't expect to show up in your fulcrux,… (View Post)
  • Re: Lusternian AMA

 1. Two answers: a mischievous dark fae dagger designed by Regat, and the wedding armband Esei wears 9 times out of 10 designed by Ethna. First one is because Regat was the first person who … (View Post)
  • The Wyrd and the Storms

    Seemingly out of the blue, dearest cousin Filib spoke up on the commune aether about Akuuko's... gift. Turns out, Mr. Rewoven has some ideas on how to protect the Glomdoring from the rain, and also v… (View Post)