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  • Re: Announce Post #3052: Zero Tolerance Re: Pejorative Speech

    To clarify this further - this is something that has always been in place - if you are using words/slurs etc to intentionally hurt someone, there will be zero tolerance. This doesn't apply if you hap… (View Post)
  • Re: SSC and You

    It looks like there are instances of both, we can certainly look into that though, it makes sense that if you're trying to spring up, you know what leg is broken. (View Post)
  • SSC and You

     The ever-in-progress SSC is getting some more attention (from a mortal coder). A couple of things that are going to be addressed are as follows: * More robust symptom checking (this is really the ma… (View Post)
  • Re: EndGame Proposal

    A quick update on where we're at. I'm putting the final QoL touches on the demipower rework and would like some players to hop on the test server and give it a go. There was a lot of refactoring here… (View Post)
  • Re: EndGame Proposal

    There's always been a pretty consistent complaint regarding ascendants in that 1) they're just so much better and required and 2) you have to raise someone that's combat-oriented or it's a waste. The… (View Post)