What are you listening to at the moment?



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    So relaxing...
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    Just because I love Inkubus Sukkubus and it is very fitting for me being a Moondancer~

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    To get into my feelings late at night, I listen to 808s & Heartbreak

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    (how doyou make videos appear again? >.<)
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    More of the sweet, soul-caressing music of Ivan Torrent.

    Tonight amidst the mountaintops   
    And endless starless night   
    Singing how the wind was lost   
    Before an earthly flight
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    Moon Priestess Ridien says, "The blood of an animal, however, can also be a tool. Consider fetishes -
    - efficient, powerful tools created by ecologists. It is exactly as Kendra says -- a tool of bones 
    and blood that has been magnified, changed, enchanted. Made into a tool."
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    Anita said:
    (how doyou make videos appear again? >.<)

    Use the short link under sharing. It'll look like youtu.be as the address.


    The divine voice of Avechna, the Avenger reverberates powerfully, "Congratulations, Morkarion, you are the Bringer of Death indeed."

    You see Estarra the Eternal shout, "Morkarion is no more! Mourn the mortal! But welcome True Ascendant Karlach, of the Realm of Death!

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