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    N-n-n-n-necro!! Ahem.

    Recently went through the intro for the first time in a while, and thought I'd offer some feedback. Hopefully others will check it out and do the same.

    1. I like that it gets you into the game pretty quickly, but I feel like it's a bit contrived and OOC. Most of the dialog before you step out of the Portal is ooc talk on what a text game is, and how you'll love your free surprise (the lamp that answers questions, that you can trade in for 5 bound credits). I felt like the intro was just a sales pitch. After beating up an orc, POOF! I'm suddenly in this huge world with little or no explanation of why I'm there or any real background story of the world.

    2. Along with the lamp, you're given five vials, seven enchanted rings, curatives, two pipes, a pipetank, and five teardrop sigils, and I believe 5k gold. A veritable motherlode of awesome things, but I feel the pipetank could be left out, and I'm not entirely sure why I'm given a levitate enchantment but not an acquisito. Might suggest that this be changed, and if we're completely moved away from seperate herbs for healing affs, remove the achievement that gives you two of each possible herb, perhaps retaining whatever still cures blindness. 

    3. The denizen greeting you on CGT and letting you know what to read? Love it! Kudos on whoever arranged that. I especially love that the intro gets you right into a class and a guild, no need to hunt anyone down.

    So, that's my two cents if anyone is still working on the intro.
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