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    Moi said:
    About 3000 words into a draft, 7/16 planned sections done.
    Finished! About 10k words total according to the ingame library.


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    Astral Madness:

    Shango tells you, "I want to marry a cow."

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    Is that a thing like the Dirigible?
    Or just a custom pet?
    FOR pposters who aren't steingrim:

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    Tylwyth said:
    Is that a thing like the Dirigible?
    Or just a custom pet?
    it's a thing from the shop that destroys items. ashop 408
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    Wrong thread, carry on.
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    (I'm the mom of Hallifax btw, so if you are in Hallifax please call me mom.)

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    Yarith said:
    Wrong thread, carry on.

    Yes, Carry on my wayward son for there'll be peace when you are done.  Lay your weary head to ressst.  Don't you cry no more.

    Sorry, was too good to resist.  :D 

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    Terentia/Kalikai OTP.
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    Spoilered in case your stomach is squeemish.

    (Clan): You say, "Chocolate Cottage Cheese instead of Golden Dragon Milk."
                          * * * WRACK AND ROLL AND DEATH AND PAIN * * *
                                         * * * LET'S FEEL THE FEAR OF DEATH AGAIN * * *
              * * * WE'LL KILL AND SLAUGHTER, EAT THE SLAIN * * *

    Ixion tells you, "// I don't think anyone else had a clue, amazing form."
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    [Autocuring]: Curing 'needsixthsense' with 'sixthsense'.
    Your will is suppressed by Divine mandate, making you unable to perform any action.
    [Autocuring]: Curing 'needtruehearing' with 'truehearing'.
    Your will is suppressed by Divine mandate, making you unable to perform any action.

    x 10^10


    ******************************[ The Nine Seals ]*******************************
                              Seal   Bearer     Score
                             Chaos : Tarken        29
                               War : Jaspet         3
                           Justice : Taevyn        50
                            Nature : Marcella      17
                         Knowledge : Kalaneya       2
                            Beauty : Xeii           0
                              Life : Veyils        99
                             Death : Ixion         32
                           Harmony : Malarious     73

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    (m&mf): Veyils doesn't exist anymore, deleted them.
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    Thank you for voting, Shaddus, but we have already had a vote from your IP recently.

    Ok :(
    Bob Junior says, "I had a party hook onnce. Lost it iNsiDee of soMe buxsm dracnari maiden, I thiik."
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    (At the Ravenwood)

    Pantoprazele arrives from the west.

    You incline your head politely to those around you.

    Rootweir Pantoprazele says, "Wrong turn!"

    Rootweir Pantoprazele says, "Sorry."

    You say, "Quite possibly."

    You give a blackthorn berry scone with clotted cream to Rootweir Pantoprazele.

    You wave goodbye at Pantoprazele.

    Rootweir Pantoprazele says, "Thank you."

    Pantoprazele disappears in a flash of light, teleporting by the power of the Gods.

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