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Anita Transcendent


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  • Re: General Dissatisfaction

    Part 1 of bad day:
    Went to clinical placement this morning. Got sick. Had pain in upper abdomen starting yesterday morning, a LOT worse today. Went to doctors. She thinks its a stomach ulcer. So much pain and eating makes it worse. I have to eat a light diet (buhbyespicyfood) and not stress myself out (my tendency to stay up at all hours is part of that stress.) so! I have to cut back on my playing times just a little and get "normal" sleeping pattern back again, plus the medication she prescribed.

    Part 2 of bad day:
    Came home from clinical placement, slept for about 40 mins and then headed back out to go to the doctors. As I was leaving in the car, another car came flying around the corner onto our road and on my side which I was driving on to, so I slammed on the brakes hard and whatever way I twisted the car, scraped the car on the concrete post above the back wheel. Other car was beeping at me and throwing his hands up in the air like I intentionally pulled out in front of him. 

    tl;dr I have a probable stomach ulcer and I scratched the car :(
  • Re: Curio Power Ideas


    Edit: Let me expand on this no.

    There are several curios IG already, and even those are super hard to get. No one wants to trade for pieces they don't need etc. You buy packages and may still end up never completing a curio (re: the time I bought 200 credits worth of cooking curios and completed 1 bottle out of 4 I wanted to complete, even with rubbing some pieces and trading as much as I could. It's taken since they were released for me to complete the chocolate collection, because some kind people actually accepted random pieces for once.)

    It's much easier to have a honeycomb artifact, yes of course the price would be high (200 credits + like the flowerpot or the candy box), but it's much easier buying this than trying to work 24/7 on curios. Credits are easier got (either by buying on website / buying IG / winning credits via artisanals/bardics, levels etc.) and even if it takes time to get them, I have the option of simply doing ASHOP # BUY CONFIRM. Arti in my inventory, and I don't get any stress at all from that.

    edit edit: And as for the influencing part, again, it's a rare chance to get a piece (re: trades. You do your trade once a day and then the return is very low.) And not to mention there aren't that many mobs up on Faethorn, they'll surely be influenced all the time, and all sorts of conflict then, too.

    Edit to my edit's edit: We also have several curios and other things that grant crit hits / buffs etc, and this would be another thing the game doesn't need, in my opinion.
  • Re: Simple Ideas

    Can earwort be able to grow somewhere else other than Earth? Like even underground or something.
  • Re: Looking for a Spouse

    Anita said:
    Hullo, once again, Anita is seeking a spouse! (Husband or wife)

    + Live in Serenwilde, Hallifax or Celest (in that order)
    + Must be part of another Great House, she doesn't mind leaving her family. (Unless of course you'd like to join hers)
    + Not be an enemy of Serenwilde, Moondancers, Mother Moon (Moon spirit), or any of the Divine (especially Lisaera, as that is who Ani follows.)
    + Not be a lazy-butt. Do something with your time in Lusternia!

    As a side note, there won't be any shenanigins. Anita is just looking for companionship with a couple of kids thrown into the mix eventually.

    If you'd like to get to know Anita, please have a go at roleplaying your way toward her - or message me through the forums / Anita IG etc etc. However you want to go about things!   

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  • Re: Lack of Raves V: Stark Ravin' Glad

    On the road to becoming a Serenwilde-y person again! I'm excited to see all the people I knew and love(d) once again!! Eeeeee!