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  • November Promo

    Date: 11/1/2017 at 0:01
    From: Estarra the Eternal
    To  : Everyone
    Subj: Turning of the Wheel November Promotion

    For the month of November, we are offering Czigany coins for sale
    directly on the website which allows spins on the UPDATED Wheel of

    But wait ... the Wheel of Tzaraziko has been updated? Yes! The rewards
    and chances of rewards have been significantly updated to be more
    varied, and the bonus counter from spins has been reverted to its
    pre-March levels (i.e., you'll hit the bonuses sooner). In addition,
    there is a new item available on the wheel: Fortune Cookies!

    These new rewards provide wheel-exclusive artifacts. When you EAT a
    fortune cookie, there is a chance of getting one the following:

    Ascension Discs
    - See HELP 19.10.19

    Mantles (can only wear one)
    - Mantle of the Fae
      1/10 Magical Damage Buff
      1/10 Magical Damage Resistance
      SWIRL to apply faeriefire to all enemies in room

    - Mantle of Fire
      1/10 Fire Damage Buff
      1/10 Cold Damage Resistance
      SWIRL to apply ablaze to all enemies in room

    - Mantle of Frost
      1/10 Cold Damage Buff
      1/10 Fire Damage Resistance
      SWIRL to apply frozen to all enemies in room

    - Mantle of Despair
      1/10 Excorable Damage Buff
      1/10 Excorable Damage Reistance
      SWIRL to apply a random hidden plague aff to all enemies in room

    Tongue Studs (can only wear one)
    - TWIST while worn to change how your tells appear to others.
    - Four types: Purple, White, Pink, Hollow
    Penned by My hand on the 1st of Dvarsh, in the year 487 CE.
    I was trying to buy some last minute genies (because I still haven't managed a single complete set this month) and my cart got emptied - doh! The price of coins got very high this month. To compare, last month 45 genie pieces and 45 coins cost only $69.99 - $1.56/coin not factoring in a genie piece. This month, 50 coins costs $79.98 or $1.60/coin without any genie pieces. For the significant cost increase, are rewards going to be that much better? I'm interested, but maybe curious for more details!
  • Re: Tweets VIII: Knocks Me Off My Tweet

    "I'm just not pleased with having to rewrite what was a top-tier system because there's nothing better than SSC any more."

    Considering SSC doesn't have any offense, movement, target calling, or elaborate defense maintenance I'm confused how it could possibly be godmode or the end of all client-side systems. SSC is obviously not a complete combat solution. Additionally, there are a million other kinds of commands you can have failure on than the kind SSC generates. From my end, I'm reading personal feelings and a fear of change more than I am accurate assessments of SSC. If SSC were half as powerful as the implication here, I'd suddenly be a combatant.
  • Re: Assistance needed for cube recharge script

    Edit: Revised my post for a more thorough answer!

    I can't imagine NOT probing the powerstones and expecting accuracy. You'll need GMCP to have the correct ID at all times. My solution is not the most eloquent, it's just kind of banged out real quick, but I think it gets the job done!

    Here's the screencap for the setup of the trigger and relevant settings (multiline AND trigger with a 4 line delta)

    Here are the trigger lines for copy+paste:
    ^The powerstone is a perfect sphere, smooth and hard as a diamond\. Colours swirl about upon its surface in an exotic patina of hues and shades\. Vibrating with an inner energy, the powerstone holds an inner power all its own\.$
    ^It has \d+ months of usefulness left\.$
    ^It weighs 4 ounce\(s\)\.$
    ^The powerstone is at (\d+)\% efficiency\.$
    ^It has the following aliases: powerstone, stone, gem\.$

    Here's the code:
    currentpowerstone = currentpowerstone or 0
    if currentpowerstone == 0 then newpowerstone() end
    local pwrleft = multimatches[4][2]
    for i=0, 5 do
      moveCursor(0, getLineNumber() - 1)
    echo("\nPowerstone: ".. pwrleft.. "%")
    if tonumber(pwrleft) <= 2 then newpowerstone() end
    function newpowerstone()
    	local nextstone = 0
    	-- does gmcp have our inventory?
      if gmcp.Char.Items.List.location == "inv" then
    	  -- check all the items in our inventory
    	  for k, v in pairs(gmcp.Char.Items.List.items) do
    		  -- is it a wielded powerstone?
    		  if == "a glowing powerstone" then
    			  if string.find(v.attrib, "l") then
    					currentpowerstone =
    					if currentpowerstone == 0 or pwrleft >= 2 then return end -- if we actually have power in it, but weren't aware of the ID of our current powerstone (like when we first launch Mudlet or reload settings) then we don't want to get rid of our current powerstone, so we're exiting this function
    			    sendAll("unwield ".., "put ".. " in pack", false) -- get rid of it!
    				  nextstone =
    	-- gmcp didn't see our inventory, going to ask for gmcp data and retry in one second
        echo("> Trying to retrieve GMCP data.\n> Re-attempting in one second.")
        sendGMCP("Char.Items.Inv \"\"")
        send("\n", false)
    		tempTimer(1, [[ send("probe powerstone") ]] )
    	send("wield ".. nextstone)
    	currentpowerstone = nextstone
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  • Re: Simple questions?

    I don't use bows @Xenthos. I've yet to generate a bow (I speculate mending doesn't factor in) and spending money on them would mean I'd never break-even on their cost through begging. I do have a scarecrow hat and charity rune though.

    @Kerith pretty much hit the nail on the head! It's just an obscure but neat mechanic in the game which is, for me, the fun part. Always another silly, overly detailed feature. My only competition for selling tawdry clothes is shrubbed at the moment and set the ceiling very high for cost. Making tawdry is a big to do though, you're 100% right. I even suggested an artifact to help with it. A few months ago I just sewed hundreds and hundreds of items for the mending, so once you do that initial commitment it's not too hard to have a constant flow of items to mend. 
  • Re: Need Genies?

    Hope it's ok that I piggy back on this thread @Versalean? Didn't want to start my own post just to ask about genies, but happy to do so.

    Here's the genies I'm trading too! I have an ad up, 478, so feel free to look at it and message me IC or here on the forums to set up a trading time.

    Crimson    3
    Ruby        1
    Vermillion 1 4 5 6 8
    Scarlet      4

    Amber   1 5 8
    Citrine    7
    Saffron  1 3 5 8 9
    Gold      3

    Crimson    Spout(x2) 5
    Ruby         Spout
    Vermillion  2

    Azure      Spout
    Sapphire Spout

    Amber   Spout(x2)
    Citrine   Spout 2
    Gold      Spout