November Promo

Date: 11/1/2017 at 0:01
From: Estarra the Eternal
To  : Everyone
Subj: Turning of the Wheel November Promotion

For the month of November, we are offering Czigany coins for sale
directly on the website which allows spins on the UPDATED Wheel of

But wait ... the Wheel of Tzaraziko has been updated? Yes! The rewards
and chances of rewards have been significantly updated to be more
varied, and the bonus counter from spins has been reverted to its
pre-March levels (i.e., you'll hit the bonuses sooner). In addition,
there is a new item available on the wheel: Fortune Cookies!

These new rewards provide wheel-exclusive artifacts. When you EAT a
fortune cookie, there is a chance of getting one the following:

Ascension Discs
- See HELP 19.10.19

Mantles (can only wear one)
- Mantle of the Fae
  1/10 Magical Damage Buff
  1/10 Magical Damage Resistance
  SWIRL to apply faeriefire to all enemies in room

- Mantle of Fire
  1/10 Fire Damage Buff
  1/10 Cold Damage Resistance
  SWIRL to apply ablaze to all enemies in room

- Mantle of Frost
  1/10 Cold Damage Buff
  1/10 Fire Damage Resistance
  SWIRL to apply frozen to all enemies in room

- Mantle of Despair
  1/10 Excorable Damage Buff
  1/10 Excorable Damage Reistance
  SWIRL to apply a random hidden plague aff to all enemies in room

Tongue Studs (can only wear one)
- TWIST while worn to change how your tells appear to others.
- Four types: Purple, White, Pink, Hollow
Penned by My hand on the 1st of Dvarsh, in the year 487 CE.
I was trying to buy some last minute genies (because I still haven't managed a single complete set this month) and my cart got emptied - doh! The price of coins got very high this month. To compare, last month 45 genie pieces and 45 coins cost only $69.99 - $1.56/coin not factoring in a genie piece. This month, 50 coins costs $79.98 or $1.60/coin without any genie pieces. For the significant cost increase, are rewards going to be that much better? I'm interested, but maybe curious for more details!


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    I just got 2 wondercrystals, lots of goop, lots of gold, 4 ascension discs (from Fortune cookies), 4 dolls, one of the naturerain umbrellas(from present), and some comms, XP gain, lots of curio pieces, and more coins, 24-hr divine favour, crit hits for the 50 coins.  (79.99$)
    I honestly think that while the prices went up, with the unnerfing of the Wheel, it's definitely worth it.

    (Just want to point out that this is my opinion and the "luck" I had with the Wheel.)
  • On the flip side, I've seen a lot of comms, gold coins, crit bonuses and xp gain coming out of the wheel. I personally had good luck, but watching other people spin makes me think I'll quit while I'm ahead.
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    I got less goop than I had in the past, definitely nothing as valuable as a wonder crystal. I got some small'ish things that were decent- a pin, a doll, 3 discs, golden lips. It wasn't a bad haul, but was it worth paying more for each coin as well as no genies? It wasn't for me! I enjoy a small gamble, that's part of the fun, but for $80 invested in a game I might have liked better odds. I've gotten better hauls before the upgrade.

    The marble and tints were kind of obnoxious. A wasted coin should at least give me something fun!

    edit: Apologies if it sounds harsh, just reporting my own luck! <3 Happy spinning
  • KagatoKagato Auckland, New Zealand
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    I thought they had taken commodity and gold rewards out some time back...

    EDIT: Spoke to Ianir - appears it is intentional, given that there was, up until the wheel was tweaked, a 55% chance of getting Aethergoop.
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  • is there going to be the once a day free spin?

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    This looks really exciting, and I have certainly gone from not giving a damn about the Wheel to really looking forward to spinning. I think a reversion to the pre-nerf bonuses definitely makes up for the lost genies in terms of like-for-like. Obviously if you wanted to build genies it isn't. THANK YOU @Ianir @Estarra @TeamGodmin for an exciting promo. Here's looking forward to payday!

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    My results starting with 100 coins:

    4257 aethergoop
    63133 gold
    35x czig coin (reused)
    163 lessons
    21x Czig curios
    2x pack of 5 pet curios
    4 dingbats
    150 bound credits (due to amount of spins, not as reward)

    7x Fortune cookie
    2x Present
    2x Pack of 10 Ikons
    5x Pack of 5 Ikons
    3x random Ikon
    doll of abeytu
    doll raziela
    doll ruby generator
    doll landantine
    3 master sketch seals
    1x glittering feedback field


    9x 24Hr TDF
    8x experience gain
    3x Crit bonus

    Presents yield:
    469 aethergoop
    plush doll of Lhiannan

    Fortune cookie yield:
    2 x Disc of knowledge
    Disc of justice
    Disc of beauty
    Feathered mantle of eternal despair
    Disc of nature
    Disc of death

  • Overall it seems like its a lot more rewarding than previous. The rewards on a single spin are both much much higher and much lower. Getting stuff like wondercrystals for the top prizes and getting some commodities for the low prizes.

    So if you spin a bunch you should win more than previous.

    I put in 35 coins I had been building up, got a bit unlucky with not geting a single new thing that was released but made back about 360 in credits once I'd traded in all the bumf I didn't want. So thats a pretty good haul for the number. 10+credit value per spin.

    I bought 25 coins because I wanted to try and get mantle. Assuming trading in everything on this run I won trade in value of 96credits. Which is a credit value of 3.8 per spin.

    Add the together and thats a win value for me of 7.6 credits per spin

    Your paying about 1.59 per spin(with a rough value of 7.6 credits) vs paying roughly 2.8 for 8 credits straight.

    So yea works out better than buying credits overall from the looks of it by a fair margin. It is for such a much bigger gamble than it was before. You could luck out on your spins and get a really high return like I did first time or get a low return like the last one but I'm happy with the last batch anyway becuase I got a mantle which is what I was really trying for.
  • Also note I just looked at pure trade in value. You can factor in that you may not want to trade in everything because you want the item you get.
  • RiviusRivius Your resident wolf puppy
    Someone sent me a tell with the tongue studs and I think I like the idea. Although might be even cooler with change in text colour?
  • CyndarinCyndarin used Flamethrower! It was super effective.
    I would've sold my right boob for the mantle of fire. 
  • Cyndarin said:
    I would've sold my right boob for the mantle of fire. 
    They're pretty sexy aren't they? I would 10/10 sell my third nipple for the mantle of despair.
  • Cyndarin said:
    I would've sold my right boob for the mantle of fire. 

    For the damage buff?

    You got a wonderitem that gives you a passive +2 fire, then the wonderhorn for +3.

    So add in the rune and you can sit at +10. +1 with wondercorn, +2 with curio for a natural passive 13/13 all day long even without the mantle.
  • Veyils said:
    Cyndarin said:
    I would've sold my right boob for the mantle of fire. 

    For the damage buff?

    You got a wonderitem that gives you a passive +2 fire, then the wonderhorn for +3.

    So add in the rune and you can sit at +10. +1 with wondercorn, +2 with curio for a natural passive 13/13 all day long even without the mantle.
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  • TremulaTremula Banished Quasiroyal
    I have the rainbow scarf, and only use it when I'm RPing with one specific person who does not log in much anymore. However, I do love the tongue studs, and want to see more stuff like this in the future!
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  • I really like the look of this promo. Though I wish there were smaller packs of Coins, like a 5, 10, 15 option for those of us who aren't willing to spend 40 dollars. Not complaining though, I really love the ideas of the artifacts as well as the adjustment of luck.
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  • ShaddusShaddus , the Leper Messiah Outside your window.
    What vatul said. I'd probably spend over 40$ on 5-10$ packs, but 40$ all at once would have to be budgeted for
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  • More choice in purchasing is always a good thing from the sounds of it.
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    See, I kind of think that just because of the law of large numbers that'd be a bad idea. You spin that wheel five times and, let's be honest, you're probably going to get thrown over a barrel. Sure, you might win big, but I think most people purchasing those 5-coin packs are gonna walk away with 200 poultry and feel like rageposting.

    Yes, in an ideal world people would gamble just because it's fun. But in the one we live in most people gamble because they want to win.

  • Hmm yea but thats their choice then. You want to sit at the slot machine all day and put a hundred quid in every hour or you want to just play the 2p drop and dash machine for 10 mins.

  • Truth! Guess I'm projecting my personal RNGbutthurt experiences onto other people XD
  • So last night I spun the Wheel so long and so hard that Tzaraziko needed a lozenge.

    Started with 197 coins.

    5474 goop (27)
    5-Ikon packs (11)
    10-Ikon packs (3)
    25-Ikon packs (1)
    Ceramic teapot (1)
    Presents (9)
    31 lessons (2)
    Fortune cookie (19) (comprising 9 discs, 5 studs, and 3 mantles)
    Wonder gems (3)
    159694 gold (15)
    Lesser rune (1)
    35 czigany coins (35)
    7 dingbats (1)
    13 credits (2)
    5 goldtonics (1)
    7 dolls
    Fuzzy spider (1)
    10-travel curio pack (1)
    Superior Rune (1)
    Sparkatron 9000
    A assload of XP buffs, comms, czigany curios, critz, aurinodian, zimoru, and semi-useful liquids.

    100 "Bonus" credits

    By my calculation (minus the crap in italics) the haul was ~1495cr, so 7.6 credits per spin. Personally, I think czigany coins should be worth about ten credits a pop, so I have mixed feelings about this. And I was doing very well until a certain individual who knows who he is came along and stole a crystal by ninja'ing the wheel. Anyway, I guess I can't blame him for the wheel being changed to allow interruptees given the reason that was implemented, but bottom line is that I figure IRE owes me about 500 credits.
  • Why not counting in zimoru? Even if its small its still credit tradeable in.
  • Versalean said:
    7.6 credits per spin. Personally, I think czigany coins should be worth about ten credits a pop
    $39.99/25[coins], $39.99/100[credits]
    Given that math, the coin average to break even vs a credit purchase would be... 4cr a coin?
    I'm honestly not sure where this arbitrary value of 10 is coming in.
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    You're not factoring in the bonus for binding credits.


    Yes, I'm totally trolling here. I was actually hoping to come out with a trade-in value of around 1k for a Cord. The new Wheel is fricking amazing; it delivers in every category. It's generous without breaking anything, offers something new to the folks who are getting to the point where they have most of what they want, has sooooo much variety (which means it's exciting rather than just the goop-o-matic it was previously), and gives a nice little boost to the present counter (incidentally, not sure if the loot table on presents also got buffed or I was just lucky, but they were certainly delivering).

    This promo is literally everything I wanted. I'm very happy to spend money on Lusty this month.
  • I really kind of wanted a mantle of the fae and I wish there was a way to trade this mantle of despair for it. It's cool and I like it, but it's not really Sylphas's aesthetic.
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