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  • Elarin

    About the advertisement ideas. Maybe it could be a good idea to focus on people who play tabletop and larp rp's. Maybe on forums for D&D or games alike. When I first started MUD's it was because my tabletop group had to slow down, and it was a nice compensation. I loved the RP, and to be part of a small community that actually does solve worldly dangers is what I liked most. 

    I am not the kind that likes to spam the forum, so I 'll tell you here what I believe is lacking the game at this time.

    What I honestly do lately is: logging in, rubbing genie bottles, poteens, urtraps and logging off. For the small chance of a coin, and the goop... Saving it up for... I don't know, a time when things get interesting again.

    It would be great to see more things to do, more events happening, not events that last a whole month without much progress, but events that happen over a few days, maybe even small things that only take a few hours, that could keep me motivated. It encourages for an org to actually work together, and people to log in to see what is going on.

    The ever returning events that exist now are great in its core. But, most of them involve PK, and with skills being out of balance that isn't much fun anymore. When I started playing, people told me druids and Wildewoods were getting a fix... Two years later, I haven't seen any change at all, while I have been told many times its still a high priority... 
    Maybe some returning events that are not skill based might be nice too. Perhaps a few design challenges, maybe painting contests... There can be lots of small things that can be done to keep people busy.

    Also more, small, skill lines would be nice. Nothing that does not have any influence  to the game balance, but more to the game colour and maybe the economical system. Stuff like candle making, woodworking (for example to carve a chess set, or spoons that give a slight bonus for cooking...)  toy making... I am sure there are lots of opportunities there.

    Aetherspace, I believe a lot more could be done there. Its huge and besides a hunt (that needs crew that isn't online) is it very much unused.
    I would like to see things to do there as well, even things without a large crew. Maybe threats that attack the portals, pirate ships that needs to be dealt with. A lot can happen in aetherspace... and I 'd love to fly out there to deal with those problems...

    So, long story short it comes down to these two things for me:

    -skill balance
    -stuff to do.

    I hope this can help for a bit, and if you want some clarifications, or help, be sure to let me know, I want to do whatever I can to help. Because I love the game, the lore, the setting. It's nice and not only worth saving, but also possible.

    In my best English, *blush*

    December 13