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Portius · Likes big books, cannot lie · Transcendent


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  • Re: General Dissatisfaction

    Dear Bambi,

    I don't really mind that you're raiding my bird feeder. You're not a feathery little bundle of color and joy, but you're kind of cute. But could you not tear the whole thing down and make me have to replace the hanger? Kind of ruining it for the birds, dude. You're a recurring problem.
  • Re: Simple questions?

    Saz said:
    How can we access to the Bardics archives with this new website? doesn't seem to be working.
    My understanding is that bardics have not been implemented on the new website at all because they were thinking about changing the mechanics. So I'd love to be proven wrong, but I don't think you can.
  • Re: Lack of Raves VI: Rave Today, Tweet Tomorrow

    Ixion said:

    #167 He ascended the Citadel of Nirvana and brought down the False Gods.
    Thrilled that this one is doable now. Since you've done it recently, how many people and roughly how long does it take to complete? I have heard conflicting rumors.
  • Re: Vae Victis! A Roman Mafia Game. CLODIUS AND EMPERORS WIN!

    They're not handy right now, but I'll throw them up if I remember when it's convenient. Important things from memory:

    1. Doctoring didn't do much because nobody ever attacked Yarith, but the threat of doctoring might have impacted it early on.

    2. Ordassa supported the Catilinarian Conspiracy for the town, Sylandra did for the scum.

    3. Yarith and Ushaara had really great aim with their powers.

    4. As mentioned above, Vivet aimed hilariously badly.
  • Re: Simple questions?

    Bird that you can find in Clarramore.