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  • Re: The Brits Only Thread

    Fyler said:

    It's ingrained in American culture to instinctively rebel when anyone from Britain tells us what to do and make fun of their hats/accents/teeth (pick one).

    You forgot their spelling. Definitely have to mock their excessive vowels and whatnot. It's important.
  • Re: the Expedition - a Pokémon Mafia game. (GAME OVER. SYLANDRA WINS. TOWN WINS.)

    Then we take actions based on the information that we do have. Lynch her the day after that, possibly. The main value in a power that accumulates pokemon is in the long game. It takes time to build up, and we can lynch her on any turn to put an end to it. We shouldn't wait longer than we absolutely need to wait, but we do have the time to figure out if she's town or not. The danger to waiting a day or two seems pretty low, while the potential gains from keeping a town-loyal Kilee seem pretty big.
  • Re: Simple Ideas

    Keep it off of the kephera/illithoid to avoid accidental killing, but put it on everything else.

    Because it's criminal to have tattoos that nobody will  see because they're in a covered body slot, especially when @Sylandra did the designing:

    "Sprawling across the back in inked tendrils of coiling black smoke, an extinguished Flame of
    Glinshari stands here as a testament to a cemetery of tortured and mangled fae. The Flame itself is
    but a slab of grey granite, smoothed and indented to resemble a rounded basin from which its sacred
    blue flames ought to reside; alas, its fires have long been left snuffed and desolate, limning the
    depths of the basin with ash. Surrounding it are the gruesome remains of a fae massacre, with wing-
    shredded corpses of once-carefree pixies, limbless pigwideons, and several squashed willowisps all
    butchered in the midst of what seems to have been a rudely interrupted tea party, if the smashed
    cups nearby are any indication. When viewed in its entirety, each lifeless body has been situated to
    achieve the greater design of a pentagram, with each fae corpse connected by a line of oozing
    scarlet blood. The desecrated Flame of Glinshari serves as the pentagram's sacrilegious centre,
    painted red with blasphemous hieroglyphs."

    Not actually sure what the flame's significance is besides that it looked like a Seren holy site.
  • Re: Artifact Ideas

    I (and probably just me) would also like an artifact to let me speak fae as a bonus language.

    EDIT: Also, let us buy adorable gnomish urchins. ADOPT URCHIN to increase your family's population by one for purposes of greathouse/lesser house status, cap it at no more than some (25%?) percentage of the house being urchins. Help make it easier to get and maintain house status despite low population.