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Xenthos An'ryshe
  • Re: Traps are a bit stupid :D

    You do realize that you can edit reports after writing them up, until the 15th, right?

    Do you not know how this works at all?

    Edit: And to edit, as I originally stated, he had another version of the report and deleted it and all its comments in their entirety so that the admin wouldn't be able to see our concerns with what he was proposing.  Heck, since it was deleted we can't even copy/paste snippets from that one here, as it is Gone.  So, yeah.  There was backlash.  And it is pretty understandable that there was, in my opinion.
  • Re: Tweets VII: Tweet Child of Mine

    Because Veyils is, of course, well known for partisanship and distaste for the "other side".  Unlike Enyalida, who is entirely and totally clean in everything that she ever does; she would never stoop to hypocrisy!

    Edit: For those who cannot tell, you really should be able to.  The above is very obvious ham-fisted /sarcasm.
  • Re: Tweets VII: Tweet Child of Mine

    I was really unsure why the person thought it was okay to cheat at the game-- through the course of this discussion, it is becoming much more clear.  Permissive attitudes towards ignoring / blatantly dismissing rules have a snowballing effect.  It's not about whether you yourself have set some arbitrary "line" so much as whether everyone you are interacting with and who is receiving that reinforcing message also sets the line at the same place, and hint: not everyone does.

    Thank you for clarifying the matter for me.
  • Re: Tweets VII: Tweet Child of Mine

    Falmiis said:
    You guys are seriously making a big deal out of nothing.
    You know what?  No.  It's this kind of cavalier attitude towards rulebreaking (not even the "It's an accident, I did it by mistake, sorry" but out-and-out "I just don't care what the rules are, I am going to ignore them") that leads to situations where an individual in this game felt it was a-okay to abuse something that gave him infinite power, health, mana, and ego during fights.  Being so dismissive towards the very concept of rules is just... not a good thing.
  • Re: Tweets VII: Tweet Child of Mine

    Arcanis said:

    Dont eeeeven get me started on the crap Mag gets dealt, and our commitment to not doing a whinefest upon every known channel until something gets done, else i'd likely get this thread shut down again.

    If there was a "lol" button on these forums, I would have pressed it here.