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Xenthos An'ryshe
  • Re: Tweets VII: Tweet Child of Mine

    No, he was flagging everyone for "troll".  Thankfully the Troll flag went away due to that (ab)use.  I mostly agree with Riluna, in that I strongly feel the reactions don't add anything to a discussion.  I'd much rather see people talking about things.

    Breandryn said:
    Rancoura said:
    Tridemon said:
    So as far as I can tell, what happens when you're offline and get demi is... it rolls you over back to 1. Any XP above what was needed to get you to demi is applied after you're down to 1, which is why she's at 7.
    That wasn't just Ianir trolling her?  :)
    That's what they did to me in Aetolia. I had a bad habit of breaking things and finding bugs, so when a few admin noticed I was nearly at endgame, they coded a little surprise for me - an untrapped error message, followed by the most terrifying spam of delveling messages I have seen in my life, all the way down to level 1.
    Please don't give them ideas.
  • Re: Official Thread: Monk Overhaul is Live!

    I feel like they've already said "Please don't post a snippet, post an actual log."

    Am I misremembering?
  • Re: Server-side Curing

    No to implementing a latency; it's going to be a generic "one size fits all" (though maybe with some customization allowed), we shouldn't be intentionally adding overhead to it.  Just make it work.  If someone wants the flexibility of being able to control the whole thing themselves, then they have that option but it shouldn't then make everyone else slower too.

    I mostly just want something that I can actually use.  If it's hamstrung with limitations to the point that it's better to have your own system, then people will still feel required to have their own system and that kind of defeats the whole point.
  • AShop! Your New Shopping Experience

    This thread is to discuss the new artifact shop!  A number of us have been working throughout today to enhance and improve the system together, and it will only get better with more involvement.

    To begin with: Here is the announcement discussing it.

    Date: 3/3/2017 at 6:08
    From: Ianir the Anomaly
    To  : Everyone
    Subj: Artifact shop!

    Hello everybody,

    We have, at this time, released two sets of interlinked features for
    your perusal. As it will be a couple days until we have a helpfile up, I
    will be covering as much as I can in this newspost for now.

    First, we have released the ASHOP/ARTISHOP syntax.

      ASHOP LIST [SALE] [CATEGORY <category>] [KEYWORD <keyword>] [<text>]
      ASHOP <id> [INFO]
    ASHOP <id> BUY [AS GIFT FOR <person>] [WITH
      ASHOP <id> TRANSFORM <artifact> [CONFIRM]

    Within this is every artifact for sale, including credits, dingbats, and
    aethergoop. A list of existing categories and keywords exists within the
    first two syntaxes. The third syntax, however, is an interesting one. We
    allow several filters, including finding artifacts currently on sale
    (which we have built into the system now), limiting by category or
    keyword, or even doing a search of the artifact names or text. You will
    be given ids, which you can purchase using the info syntax (as you would
    with goop normally). If you wish to buy an artifact, you can now do it
    from anywhere rather than having to hunt down a shop. Finally, we have
    the transform syntax, which works like changing an artifact into a goop
    variant, and works with the listed 'skins' in the info, and brings us to
    our next section.

      ASHOP SKIN <id> [INFO]
      ASHOP SKIN <id> RESHAPE (costs 100 goop)

    Artifacts are now skinnable. Every goop transformation you buy, as well
    as customisation to a skinnable artifact made with the CUSTOMISE syntax,
    will be added to your skin list. If you have a skin, you may switch to
    it for 100 goop, and you will now always own it. Sadly, we are unable to
    make this change retroactively, but it is active for future


    Now, you will probably notice many things are randomly categorised into
    miscellaneous, and we lack many keywords. Due to time constraints, we
    are actually asking for your help in this. If you have a suggestion for
    a category or keyword change or addition, we would ask you to suggest

      SUGGEST ARTIFACT <KEYWORD|CATEGORY> <artifact#> <keyword>

    This will carry your suggestion straight to us, and we will review and
    approve as appropriate. We are not opposed to fine-tuning keywords, so
    you can suggest specific ones and not just broad ones.


    We hope you enjoy this feature and that it helps alleviate some of the
    frustration we have all felt in buying artifacts in the past.

    Ianir the Anomaly.