Selling Completed Hair Curios

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Dark feral mane
His wild mane of dark fur erupts outward in all directions, matted and clumped from what may only be presumed as a great deal of time spent out of doors. Twin braids of fur hang at either side of his head, wound with thin strips of leather and studded with small, flat talismans of burnished copper.

Downy, dove-grey feathers
Downy, dove-grey feathers crown his head, overlaid to provide an understated, simple cap of plumage. Each feather is small and rounded, the pinions remaining still pliant, soft and wavy so as to nearly create the illusion of neatly-kept hair.

Azure fins
Three slender fins crown his head, the centre fin rising slightly higher than its neighbors. Faintly azure in hue, the colour deepens as his fins extend outward into a darker, royal colouration. Tiny shells adorn the fins, nacreous and shimmering in the light.

Iron Horns (40cr)

White Horns
Atop his head, two brilliantly alabaster horns thrust straight upwards, curving only slightly at the tips. So smooth are their exteriors that they resemble marble more than bone, their bright white complexions marred only by incredibly faint veins of silver and gold.

Purple mohawk
His hair has been completely shaved on the sides until there is a stripe or 'mohawk' that extends across the crown of his head. The mohawk has been dyed a deep purple at the roots, though the hue lightens closer to the tips.

Rakish black scruff (for offers)
Scarcely a few days old, the scuff that covers his face spreads over the lower parts of the cheeks, the upper lip, and the chin. Slightly thicker as they near the chin, the hairs are a pitch black, standing out against the skin in testament to his rakishness.
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