Curious curios!

EodhEodh Member Posts: 340 Gifted
I have curio bits and pieces (and even a set) that I'd like to trade or sell.

Piece    Holy Helm            Vernal       Knowledge Shard
Piece    Pearl Sandals        Vernal       Chaos Pearl
Piece    Vernal Bracers       Vernal       Beauty Essence
Piece    Vernal Bracers       Vernal       War Essence

Piece    Platinum Feather     Feather      Middle Top Plume

Rare     Jade Moth            Flutter      Head
Rare     Golden Bumblebee     Flutter      Head
Piece    Glass Butterfly      Flutter      Middle Body

Piece    Butterknife          Utensil      Lower Center Handle
Piece    Butterknife          Utensil      Upper Bottom Handle

Rare     Square Inkwell       Scholar      Stopper

Piece    Ruby Rib             Bone         Upper Center

Piece    Stuffed Donkey       Toy          Upper Body

Piece    Maroon Bow           Redbows      Sixth Maroon Thread

Piece    Lavender Bow         Violetbows   Third Lavender Thread


Vernal (Holy Helm, Pearl Sandals, Vernal Bracers, Chroma Rod)
*The Chroma Rod is enchanted with cleanse, but you can of course change that if you'd like.

Message me in-game if you're interested in any of these!



  • SynkarinSynkarin Nothing to see here Member Posts: 3,216 Transcendent
    Didn't you just rave about finishing the vernal set and now you want to sell it?

    Everiine said:
    "'Cause the fighting don't stop till I walk in."
    -Synkarin's Lament.
  • CyndarinCyndarin used Flamethrower! It was super effective. Member Posts: 4,508 Transcendent
    How much for the set
  • EodhEodh Member Posts: 340 Gifted
    @Synkarin My main goal in collecting the Vernal set was always to sell it. As an Illuminati, I don't do any divinus damage and excorable isn't a big problem.

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