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I went through my old RP logs (I mean really old) and found this one which still has me laughing. Sadly, I somehow missed to log the beginning. You just have to imagine two Blacktalon sitting at the Ravenwood and talking in Crowtongue.

Her Siam Star-eyes caws, caws and caws some more. Caw!

Svorai Stormcrow smiles with a wink and says to Siam, "You'll need to work on that."

Svorai Stormcrow looks thoughtful and says to Siam, "Close, but it's just nonsense..."

Her Siam Star-eyes sings, "CAW!!"

Svorai's eyes sparkle with amusement at Siam.

You grin mischievously at Siam.

Flapping his arms hysterically!, Her Siam Star-eyes sings, "CAW!!"

Idrazil's eyes widen at Siam and he lets forth a loud "Eek!"

<crowspeak between Svorai and Aerdiya>

Caerlyr gasps suddenly and begins to inhale and exhale deeply and rapidly.

Caerlyr pounces on Idrazil, sending Idrazil rolling head over heels with her.

Idrazil wrinkles his nose and sniffs.

Siam runs up to Caerlyr and envelops her in a massive bearhug.

Turning to Siam, you say, "You need to work on you pronunciation. It's c'A'w...not ca'w'"

Svorai smiles wryly at Siam.

Caerlyr chuckles long and heartily.

Svorai Stormcrow turns her attention back to you, an eyebrow raised.

Throat warbling, Her Siam Star-eyes sings, "Caaaaaaaaaaaaawhroagh!!"

Siam gags and sputters.

Gesturing around, you say, "Like with a different stress on the syllables."

<more secret BT conversation>

Her Siam Star-eyes asks, "C..........aaaaa.....wwwwwww?"

Caerlyr says, "Aawwwww."

<crow speak again>

The corners of Svorai's mouth turn up as she grins mischievously.

Svorai Stormcrow smiles and says, "Ah dear."

Her Siam Star-eyes says, "Caw."

Siam scratches his head in confusion.

Her Siam Star-eyes asks, "Caw?"

<and again>

Siam hops about the area madly.

Svorai Stormcrow says to Siam, "You're nearly there."

Svorai Stormcrow says to Siam, "I think..."

Siam flaps his arms madly.

Svorai Stormcrow looks thoughtful and says to Siam, "Perhaps you need to join the
Blacktalon for proper instruction."

Her Siam Star-eyes says, "Caw."

Caerlyr says, "Caw caw caw caw caw."

Caerlyr frowns and says, "I will never get an entry into Blocktalon, will I?"

Caerlyr coughs softly.

Her Siam Star-eyes smashes his mandolin against a poor weevil in frustration. Rest in
peace, weevil.

Caerlyr says, "Blacktalon."

<see above>

Her eyes sparkling with amusement, Svorai Stormcrow says to Caerlyr, "Not with that mask
on, but if you keep trying at that cawing... you'll be just about good enough to join."

Shaking her head at Siam, you say, "Killing that poor weevil...tsk...tsk. You could have
cawed him to death."

Her Siam Star-eyes says, "Caw."

Svorai Stormcrow asks you, "I think they're rather good at this, don't you think, Eye?"

Parting your mouth slightly, you begin worrying at bits of carrion lodged between your
teeth, trying to pry them out with your tongue.

Grinning , you say to Svorai, "Es, indeed. With a bit more practice, they might become
real Blacktalon."

You call upon the spirit of crow and feel oily black feathers caress your skin, making you

You tilt your head back and caw, sending a painful surge of terror rippling through your

Svorai ponders for a moment and says "Hrm..."

Smashing his mandolin left and right and wreaking havoc against the local weevil
population, Her Siam Star-eyes exclaims, "Caw! Caw! CAW!!"

Svorai Stormcrow bursts into a peal of laughter, watching Siam dirty his mandolin in the
loamy soil.

Svorai grins mischievously at Siam.

You chuckle long and heartily at Siam.

Svorai Stormcrow laughingly says to Siam, "I understood you that time."

Her Siam Star-eyes says, "My mandolin is splattered with ichor."

Sagely, Svorai Stormcrow says to Siam, "As is appropriate."

You say to Siam, "Now, once again. With more feeling. Speak after me...'caw caw caw'"

Her Siam Star-eyes says to Brennan Stormcrow, "HELP me out here."

Her Siam Star-eyes says, "CAWWWWWWW-hic-w."

Siam hiccups suddenly.

Siam hiccups suddenly.

Siam hiccups suddenly.

You pat Siam in a friendly manner.

Siam hiccups suddenly.

Siam hiccups suddenly.

Siam hiccups suddenly.

Siam hiccups suddenly.

Caerlyr says, "Dwarfs cawing!"

Svorai Stormcrow grins and glances at you. She shakes her head at Siam, clearly amused.

Patting Siam's back, you say, "Now now...not so sudden."

Siam hiccups suddenly.

Svorai Stormcrow says to Siam, "There is an excellent way to cure hiccups, I've heard."

Her Siam Star-eyes says, "All this cawing."

Caerlyr says to Svorai, "Drwon'em in the river?"

Caerlyr coughs softly.

With a wry grin, Svorai Stormcrow says to Caerlyr, "Oh, you're spoiling my fun."

Caerlyr says, "Drown I meant."

You have emoted: Druidess Aerdiya Stormcrow creeps behind Siam before she suddenly grabs
his shoulders, screaming 'CAAAAAW!'

Svorai congratulates you with some wild clapping.

Svorai tilts her head curiously at Siam.

Siam flops down onto the ground.

Eyeing Siam, Svorai Stormcrow says to you, "I know we scare people to death, but that
might have been a bit more than the Dirgesinger could handle."

You gulp nervously.

You give Siam the once-over, eyeing him suspiciously.

Svorai gives Siam a concerned look.

Slowly, you say, "Did..I..overdo it?"

Siam takes a drink from an amethyst vial.

Caerlyr says, "No, you should have swooped."

Blood begins to slowly drip from Siam's nose.

"Eep!", you scream in fright.

Siam coughs suddenly, expelling black fluid with bits of what looks to be tissue suspended
in it.

Siam trembles slightly as a yellow jaundice begins to creep through his now-pale features.

Svorai purses her lips pensively, gazing off into the distance as she carefully gathers
her thoughts.

You watch in horror as blood begins to seep from every pore in Siam's body.

Siam begins to convulse, and as his mouth opens in a silent scream, you hear a loud
snapping as his back shatters from the sheer force of the spasms.
Himself has been slain by Siam.
Having been too much for the mortal threads of Siam, he screams in agony as flames engulf
his body and burn it to a crisp.

Svorai looks up into the air for divine inspiration.

Svorai Stormcrow says, "Dear Gods."

Svorai picks up the corpse of Siam.

Svorai gently lays the corpse of Siam next to the Master Ravenwood Tree.
The soul of Siam is suddenly torn from your surroundings.
Siam's wounds heal and he opens his eyes as life is restored to him.

Running in circles around Siam's corpse, you say, "Oh, I am sorry...I am so sorry!"

Idrazil gives Siam the once over.

Poking Siam with one foot, you say, "Did I really kill you?"

Svorai Stormcrow moves over Siam's huge body, her eyes worried as she searches for life.

Siam gives a pained sigh.

Caerlyr says to Siam, "Breathe."

Her voice akin to a caw, you say to Siam, "Breathe slowly."

Svorai Stormcrow smiles with a wink and says to you, "You may need to use your pretty face,
not your scary face, on communemates, K'liane."

You have emoted: Druidess Aerdiya Stormcrow tries to smile, which ends in a rather fangy
grin, showing her canines. Then she turns around to Svorai, "Like this, Seneschal?"

Svorai Stormcrow winces before schooling her expression to be far more reassuring. She
says, "Like that... exactly."

Svorai Stormcrow looks thoughtful and says to you, "Though imploring Mother Night's
assistance wouldn't do any harm, either."

You have emoted: Druidess Aerdiya Stormcrow looks relieved and turns to Siam, still
showing her fangs, "I am very sorry, Dirgesinger."

Raising an eyebrow, you say to Svorai, "Mother Night's assistance?"

Caerlyr says, "I need to dream for a while. See you all later."

With a flourish of her arm, Caerlyr bows deeply.

Caerlyr leaves to the down, emanating an aura of immense power.

You see Her Siam Star-eyes yell, "Mother Night Aerdiya's back!"

You blink.

Svorai Stormcrow says to you, "You know..." She gestures with her hands, emulating the
dance of the Penumbra. Ending by raking her hands through her long hair, she says, "Her

Svorai Stormcrow says, "To have a pretty... face."

Svorai coughs softly.

Twirling an ebony lock between her fingers, you say, "You mean I"

With a flourish of his arm, Daunte bows deeply.

Daunte leaves to the down.

Svorai Stormcrow smiles and says to you, "Oh only if the Dirgesinger can't take your
otherwise arresting charm."

Svorai Stormcrow turns her attention to Siam and asks, "Are you all fine, now?"

Blushing slightly, you say, "B-but...I don't have any charm. I mean, I usually do not need
charm to kill things."

Svorai Stormcrow grins and says to you, "Well I mean, sometimes... we don't always want to
kill..." She chuckles, glancing at Siam once more, and finishes, saying, "Our communemates.

Nodding sagely, you say, "I know...though sometimes, I really feel the urge to do so. I
guess, I should get better at controlling myself...lest I hurt people that I should not."
Her face lightens up a bit though her expression appears to be confused, "So, you mean I
should smile more?"

Svorai Stormcrow pauses for a very long time, her eyes searching the canopy and her lips
curved in an odd grin. She lowers her gaze and smiles at you, "My dear Eye, your smiles
are as rare as the Soulless' escapement, and almost half as deadly. But there is beauty in
things that kill well." She says with a shake of her head, "Smile."

You have emoted: Druidess Aerdiya Stormcrow's lips turn up into a smile again. This time,
she tries to hide her canines, to look a bit more, as Svorai called it, charming. "Is this
better now? As far as I can remember, I have been called many things, but beautiful was
not one of them."

With a touch of seriousness, Svorai Stormcrow says to you, "Never doubt your beauty,
K'liane. For you are that beyond words." She nods and says, "That's probably less likely
to kill people."

Apologetically, Svorai Stormcrow says to you, "If you'll excuse me, Eye... I had best
return to something I was doing."

Svorai curtseys gracefully before you.

Blushing again, speaking in a quiet voice, you say, "Oh, thank you, K'liane." she turns to
eye Siam, "I hope that I really did not kill him..."

You curtsey gracefully before Svorai.

Eyeing Siam, Svorai Stormcrow says, "He'll live."

Svorai slowly spreads her wings, becoming more translucent the further out the wings

You say, "Oh, then I won't keep you any longer. You probably have lots of things to do."

With a loud caw, Svorai completely fades from view.

Her Siam Star-eyes says, "I am beautiful."

(The Swarm): Siam says, "I am beautiful."

(The Swarm): Svorai says, "That you are."

Grinning, you say to Siam, "Indeed."

Siam beams broadly at you.

Tilting her head to one side, you say to Siam, "So, how do you define beauty, if I may
ask? I always wanted to speak with a follower of the Lady about that."

(Market): Siam says, "Being beautiful. Providing tips for the aesthetically challenged."

Her Siam Star-eyes says, "Go ahead."

You look thoughtful and say to Siam, "How does the Lady define beautiful things?"

Her Siam Star-eyes says, "All that is the Wyrd is beautiful."

Comprehension flashes across your face.

Slowly, you say, "So that means that all of its inhabitants are beautiful as well?"

Her Siam Star-eyes says to you, "You are beautiful, young Eye."

Blushing slightly, you say, "Oh...erm...thank you, Dirgesinger."

Siam nods his head at you.

You look thoughtful and say, "I've never been called beautiful...and now it happened twice
on one day. I wonder what it is today."

Her Siam Star-eyes says to you, "Today is a day like any other. You are beautiful always."

You blush furiously.

Gulping nervously, you say, "Uhm...thank you."

You have emoted: Druidess Aerdiya Stormcrow laughs melodically though it appears to be a
few octaves higher than her normal laugh. "Oh, many compliments. Erm, thank you
again." A slight blush still visible on her cheeks, she makes a few steps towards the rim
of the clearing surrounding the Master Ravenwood. Having almost reached her goal, she
stumbles over her own feet. "Oh, heh, I really did not pay attention to my feet...right...
my feet." She turns around and smiles at Siam, "Thank you again...I will find something to
kill now." She departs the clearing slowly shaking her head at herself.

Calling from the edge of the clearing, you say, "Take care, Dirgesinger."


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    2 years later and here we are: Siam's a Blacktalon now.



    Also, glad to see you back,@Aerdiya! @Svorai, we miss you, too. Come back! ._.
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    That @Siam. What a potato.

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    Rancoura said:
    That @Siam. What a potato.
    This counts towards one of my finest moments, yes. :)
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