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  • FioreFiore Member Posts: 4 Novice
    Fiore is a Kodiak bear.
  • SelenitySelenity My first MC to stay in Serenwilde Member Posts: 1,424 Transcendent
    I believe @Lynnie is a grizzly. Hey @Lynnie are you a grizzly?
  • HoaracleHoaracle Member, Gods Posts: 207 Divine
    Luce said:
    Added those who didn't already have any (notable Anaara as a Jaguar and male Dawnburst cougars). Were any of these explicitly called by their specie/Phenotype?
    Hmm. There aren't many explicit references in their descriptions, except in the case of the use of "leonine" for Sidwesh. I think that will be the case for many denizens in that their exact RL animal reference (although, not in the case of furrikin and maybe loboshigaru) is more vague with references toward their patterns/colours/etc. 
  • TirahTirah Member Posts: 442 Mythical
    Drauzgot said:
    @Luce, Tasvei was a stoat. I can't remember who the fire salamander is. Tirah, I think? When she's in mugwump body.
    My mugwump form is indeed a fire salamander.

    Also awww, there goes my batkin idea.
  • LuceLuce Fox Populi Member Posts: 2,520 Transcendent
    I, too had a batkin who must be scrapped. 

    I was asking about explicit vs implicit because of the way the table is set up, preferring NPCs over PCs, and explicit vs implicit . 

    I suppose I could add Tauren, Dracnari, and Mugwumps to the table, but I don't know how much use they'll see. And i I'm pretty sure a lot of Dracnari are out of reach for me.
  • TirahTirah Member Posts: 442 Mythical
    I think most dracnari players just go lizardy, without a specific species in mind.
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