Need Genies?

VersaleanVersalean Member Posts: 1,109 Transcendent

I've got an assload of genie pieces. If you haven't spoken to Versalean about the pieces you need in the last 24 hours, hit me up in game. I'm happy to consider the trades OOC, so don't worry about status etc. Equally, if you make a habit of pissing me off on forums (or, more likely, vice versa), hit me up in game, because who cares? Life is very short.

I would rather trade genies for genies, and spouts for spouts but if you're at a loose end I'm sure we can figure something out, if you're a fairly new player etc.

Hit me up. All these loose pieces beating around in the game are keeping me awake at night. Let's smash this.


  • ChirbiChirbi Member Posts: 148 Capable
    Hope it's ok that I piggy back on this thread @Versalean? Didn't want to start my own post just to ask about genies, but happy to do so.

    Here's the genies I'm trading too! I have an ad up, 478, so feel free to look at it and message me IC or here on the forums to set up a trading time.

    Crimson    3
    Ruby        1
    Vermillion 1 4 5 6 8
    Scarlet      4

    Amber   1 5 8
    Citrine    7
    Saffron  1 3 5 8 9
    Gold      3

    Crimson    Spout(x2) 5
    Ruby         Spout
    Vermillion  2

    Azure      Spout
    Sapphire Spout

    Amber   Spout(x2)
    Citrine   Spout 2
    Gold      Spout
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