Magnagora Collegium Question

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Today I don't have time to log in, but I do have a question! Yesterday I was trying to do the patrol quest for Magnagora's collegium, and I was able to have the report I got from Duur signed by everyone but the person in the market complex. Everytime I tried to enter, a guard would shove me out. I'm Ninjakari, so I tried using stealth to get in and that didn't work; I tried looking for different entrances too to no avail. My character is a viscanti, and her level is "Apprehensive;" she is still wearing the clothes she was born in, aside from glassblade gloves she got from Newton. 

And so I've had the report decay in my backpack once or twice while scurrying around trying to get into the market complex. I'd appreciate some help! 


  • LavinyaLavinya Queen of Snark AustraliaMember Posts: 3,479 Transcendent
    That's actually not the market complex that you were trying to enter! That's the tea room which only high ranking citizens can enter. Ghalib d'murani wanders between the shops in that little loop where you were trying to head in. Go nw instead!  :)
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    It's okay! You can get that report again by greeting Duur. 

    That's the tea house. When you hit the CR Supervisor you can use it! Until then, go northwest from that spot instead. He should be in that little crooked diamond on your map right by that teahouse.
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    This full on saved my day! I ran around in circles before reading this and knowing where to actually go.  :#
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