Uncomfortable in my skin

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Hello all. I've been playing, on and off, for several years now but I'm still only about level 55. I've come to realize that my character is just completely not a good fit for me. I don't know if I just was a different person back then or what, but I can't comfortably RP Bair the way he is now.
So I'm considering a complete overhaul with reincarnation and class and everything, but I'm unsure where to go and what to do. I'm sticking in Gaudi because I love this city, but I don't want to be a faeling anymore (though I'll miss flying) and I no longer want to be a Bard, as I feel I can't do it justice in RP.
Several classes seem appealing to me, and more of a contemplative player, preferring to read, research, explore than PvP.
I've also very much not kept up with the changes to the game recently. I've come to grips with autocuring and path and the like, but there's so much more I've never delved into and... well... I'm just feeling lost.
I love the world, the lore, the people, but I'm floundering here and struggling for a reason to log in.

So... I'm seeking input. Right now, is any class/race/etc. stronger for my playstyle of questing/exploring/researching? I was thinking something in the mage or guardian realm, but I'm not sure if those are effective against denizens or more PvP focused... I also want to be more of a contributor along tradeskills, but my herbs are sadly not in great demand.

I guess I'm asking, to you knowledgeable folks, if you had the opportunity to start over right now, in my shoes, what would you do? Many opinions welcome.

Sorry for rambling, but thanks for reading.


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    I'm hoping some more knowledgeable people/Gaudis can step in, but in your shoes? I'd roll a pyromancer for the phoenix beast. Just for the rp and style - I couldn't tell you how they are with bashing.

    Maybe you'd enjoy reaching out to @Thayan to contribute in a scholarly way to their library, if you haven't already? She's a lovely person, I can vouch for that much at least!
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    I like illuminati and have always found them fine against denizens for exploring and questing (though these days I have artifacts to help speed things up further). Increasing crits by raising your level and using golden cookie or crit food speeds things up most. Illuminati can use blunt, cutting or psychic damage or fire/magic with cosmic fire which gives a good selection to target denizen weaknesses. Paradigmatics has Polarity to switch your best buff to match the damage type you're using. Defense wise, Fusion moves a third of damage to hit your mana or ego instead of health, you can tailor resistances with flesh morphs. Illuminati can also have strong though unreliable buffs from Astrology if you choose that tertiary.

    They can even fly by giving themselves wings.

    I don't think race makes very much difference these days so you could go with dracnari as the Gaudiguch race for the extra bump to fire and psychic damage, or just whatever you fancy.

    There are loads of great quests with amazing lore, like the Night Market in the Skarch or the Scorpion Caves, or just amusing ones like the Honourary Harlot. Questing and exploring are some of my favourite things so poke me IG if you'd like suggestions! I'm usually around late GMT or send me a letter or message.
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    If I could, I would most definitely roll an Illuminati.

    If I recall correctly, I remember Msyrai stating that a lot of Illuminati is based off of IRL's the Golden Dawn and Aleister Crowley who is BATSHIT CRAZY and amazing. There's a delightful mix of debauchery and esotericism and mysticism that all boils down to the pursuit of knowledge and 'piercing the Veil', so to speak. Not sure how that translates into a land like Lusternia where magic is everywhere but it sounds fabulous.

    As for your desire for contemplation and reading, Illuminati's where it's at!

    PVP? Well, I don't know how they are post-overhaul but Illuminati is still where it's at!

    Uncomfortable in your own skin? You get Fleshcall Skin at Master 50% (234 lessons) into Cosmic, Transmology to change it! (huehue, bad joke).

    But my only concern is this: Past level 50 you no longer get full refunds on your lessons when you FORGET them. If you're rerolling your character pretty much from the ground up, unless you're completely attached to your name, why not create a  new one?

    Also, what's wrong with faeling? Want to discuss what race you want to consider, as well? 
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    Thank you all.
    There's nothing inherently wrong with Faeling, I just feel no connection to it. Really having trouble RPing it. I've got to feel it to play it, y'know?
    And I've invested a few bucks into Bairloch (really, not much, but real money) so I wanted to hang onto that. Seems a waste to just walk away... But he'll always be there, I guess...
    By Illuminati I'm assuming you guys are talking Transmology, right? With the batshit crazy refernce you've got to be talking about flesh pockets and whatnot. It turned me off, at first, but it really is starting to sound interesting.
    For some reason, as I read the descriptions of the skills, I got a mental image of a chubby TaeDae pulling things out of the folds of his skin. For some reason I just liked the idea. Big, fuzzy, teddy bear that is actually a mentally twisted crafter of flesh. That just appealed to me.
    But I'm also looking at some of the other, lesser-used races. Like Krokani, orclach and illithoid.
    I really just lack direction... very frustrating.
    Thanks again for reading and weighing in.
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    I agree. Faeling, as a race, has always been difficult for me to picture and play. Tiny little things that are two-feet tall? I can't get into that mind space.

    I won't ask you how much, but depending on your lesson pools you will be losing out a few if you switch classes and forget Bard skills. So calculate how much money you spent vs how much you'll lose through forgetting?

    But the Illuminati, like many Guardian classes, are rich in lore and history given that they are meant to be the core or essence of their orgs. Why not start reading stuff about the Illuminati in the library or newsposts while you're on Bairloch just to get a feel for now?

    At the end of the day, Illuminati is about the pursuit of knowledge. Don't have to be crazy for that! It's up to you how to play that!

    Races are weird. Not sure what to tell you a bout that because there are a few that are clearly superior for PVP.
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    No worries there. I don't PvP and don't plan to start. I've been reading through the event posts. I'll search for Illuminati lore as well.
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    Oh, you said THAN PVP rather THEN PVP. My bad! Haha.
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    As a former Illuminati player, I have to say that Transmology is amazing fun and Tarot is one of the best utility skillsets in the game, between Hermit, Catacombs, Empress and Teacher.
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    I could have sworn I'd made a post in here before
  • ArixArix Member Posts: 1,395 Mythical
    never mind, was in another new/returning player thread
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    which one?
    I'd like to read it.
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    uhh, the one @Dhoggne made
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    So, I went to Illuminati, this is... different. Just got access to Transmology, so that is eye-opening.
    Still trying to figure out how to Reincarnate. Every time I die some nice person brings me back to life and I don't have the heart to tell them I didn't want them to. :/
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    Best way to reincarnate is generally:
    1) Find a friend.
    2) Take friend to Portal of Fate, go out.
    3) Say on CT to ignore the following death, please!
    4) Have friend kill you.
    5) Reincarnate.
    6) PK FORGIVE your friend 'cause they were being helpful.  Hooray for friends!
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    That would require me to have friends. I'll just ask if anyone feels like killing a clueless player with no repercussions.
  • BairlochBairloch Member Posts: 184 Adept
    Thank you, Malarious for taking pity on me with a mercy killing. Let's see how this shape fits me...
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    I'd've given you a hand, but I wasn't sure how to RP the whole ordeal :)
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