Clumsiness effect



  • DeichtineDeichtine Member Posts: 2,016 Transcendent
    Dizzy had the chance to make your movement go in the wrong way as well.
  • KalikaiKalikai Member, Moderator Posts: 138 Divine
    Slicedthigh had a chance of proning on movement, but I don't think there was a balance knock on it.

    I may start another poll with this new third option and see if that helps clear up what way the population in general thinks we should go. We may just need to make a decision and run with it.
  • TambadorTambador Member Posts: 73 Capable
    It seems like everyone wants every affliction to be something you have to balance out with every other aff. Some affs should just be stack fodder or an annoyance not a pressure point. When you start setting up every aff as a decision point you start eliminating the value of SSC because now you have to sit and tweak and prod the SSC to deal with all the various balance points of the differing pressures that can be placed on your curing. 
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