Ascension Gala 2019 Costumes (Post yours!)

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I didn't get a chance to look at everyone's costumes in detail before I left, but I'd love to see them! Anyone who's willing, please share your costumes from the contest!

Rancoura's "shadow hawk" from Ethereal Glomdoring:

A svelte demidivine of dark grace, she is a feathered trill nightwreathed demigoddess. Guised in a shadowy beauty embodying the reigning darkness, each supple movement is ethereal in its fluidity; her partial mortality is evident in the carnal form she inhabits, yet there is an adumbral, otherworldly aura ensconcing her that fluctuates with a subtle, but tangible divine power, saturated with the essence of revelling shadow. Her skin has been dusted with crushed onyx and silvery faeleaf in tracings of feathers, marked also by a barely perceptible, silver seven-pointed star imbued below the hollow of her throat visible between the feathers of her gown. A curvaceous form retains the otherwise slender profile of the trill, though she stands half again taller than her mortal kin and with a perfected poise, her countenance beautiful in its feminine refinement as she surveys all with cool regard. The lower half of her aesthetically stoic visage has been stained with dark feathered patterns as well, including the onyx hues of her lips, the upper half hidden behind the long, black-feathered mask; behind its golden eyes, her own are hidden, but a wintry shadowfire can be discerned flickering entrancingly behind the gold. The inky blackness of her immense, ephemerally-spun wings cascades down her back in a fall of otherworldly feathers, flowing silkily about her form like an insubstantial, adumbral cloak shifting in the slightest breath of air; melding with her wings' shadow-mist, atrous plumage flows from the crest of her head as coalesced shadow, strung with shards of black crystal. She carries herself elegantly, each graceful movement accompanied by the rustling of her gown's long, adumbral plumage, which delicately brushes the ground in her wake.

She is wearing:
an aura of shadow surrounding her eyes
a thin, delicate silver belt of the night resting upon her slender hips
a translucent mark of the Silent One clasped to her silver belt
a golden-eyed, shadow-feathered half-mask
shoulder-length, taloned gloves of feathered ebony lace
a sensual, shadowsilk gown of silver-edged feathers
an onyx feather pendant resting between her breasts
a silver torc.

a golden-eyed, shadow-feathered half-mask

Elegantly fashioned, this mask has been carefully sculpted from stiffened black silk before being covered with a gorgeous display of ebon feathers and down. The plumage does not seem wholly substantial, something slightly ethereal to it as though partly composed of shadow rather than purely organic material. The edge of each feather has been dusted with silver, the plumes fanning out across the top of the mask and sweeping outwards from the eyes. The mask itself covers only the top half of the visage and is secured with a fine ribbon, a sharp hawk's beak sweeping down the middle and curving in towards the wearer's mouth. In the midst of the shadowy countenance glitter golden-hued gemstone eyes, translucent enough to allow the wearer to see reasonably well through them; despite their warm hues, the eyes convey a piercing cold, a striking centre to the fashionable if slightly intimidating piece.

shoulder-length, taloned gloves of feathered ebony lace

Designed to sheathe the wearer's arms like a second skin, these gloves have been sewn from the finest spider silk lace and dyed a lightless ebony. Swathing the arms nearly as far as the shoulders, the luxurious, delicate embroidery is patterned with feathers, each long plume outlined in faint silver so that the wearer's arms appear to be covered in adumbral plumage. Perhaps the most unusual aspect of the gloves, each digit has been fitted with a glittering onyx-wrought talon, sharpened to nefarious tips strongly reminiscent of their purpose when found in natural predators.

a sensual, shadowsilk gown of silver-edged feathers

Regally elegant and dark, this high-collared, sleeveless gown sweeps around the wearer in a luxurious display of shadowed, avian beauty. Fitting the form closely, an open-back, stygian down-covered bustier shapes the torso and enhances the curves of the bosom, a respectable amount of cleavage visible between the sweeping crest of silver-edged feathers fanning outwards over the chest in accentuation of the breasts. Two inch-wide straps of silk span from the outer edges of the bustier to tie around the neck in a halter-like fashion, securing a high-rising collar of cresting, silver-dusted ebon feathers that rests lightly around the neck, curving around the head in a proud display and spanning out across the shoulders into feathered pauldrons. The back of the bustier dips down in a sharp 'v' to allow free movement of wings, and from the hips flow layers of stiffened ebony silk, smooth and sleek and cut into feather-like patterns. Each feathery cut is edged in silver, the mimicked plumage flowing down to the wearer's ankles in a gorgeous, rustling display. Just above the derriere, a separate layer of material has been gathered just below the small of the back and then left to flow freely in an elegant train, again cut into feathery patterns reminiscent of an avian's tail while maintaining the same elegance as the rest of the gown. The plumage, both real and simulated, does not seem wholly substantial, something slightly ethereal to it as though partly composed of shadow rather than purely organic material, an effect which is enhanced by the sensuous flow of the gown's layers.

Shadow hawk for reference:
The shadow hawk is a darkly beautiful specimen, the epitome of grace through the art of being a predator. The plumage glints ebony black, faint lines of silver differentiating the feathers from one another. Glittering gold eyes pierce the darkness around it, their gaze nearly as sharp as the talons and beak that make this bird of prey so deadly.

Tonight amidst the mountaintops
And endless starless night
Singing how the wind was lost
Before an earthly flight

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    I didn't use a special description and made the mistake of leaving my medallion on too. My costume was really just an excuse to throw together and use a design ensemble I'd made slowly over the last year of play, so that's what I'll be all about here.

    Only the mask isn't mine - it was made by Xeii, who also had a fondness for peafowl! As an added bonus, all of these designs are public so the ensemble is 100% stealable.

    @Rancoura it is doubly impressive you got all that done and submitted just before the contest. +Respect.


    a feathery peacock fascinator

    A discreet golden barrette anchors the fascinator in place to the hair, with the ideal position being near one of the temples. From the barrette comes a short stump of a branch, fashioned from the same metal, to serve as a perch for a miniature peacock figurine. Its elegant little sapphire neck gives way to a green jade body, whence issue forth several long golden wires that curl elegantly over the head. Delicate silk threads whisk and whip along the wires, flouncing with feathery whispers of blue and green before terminating in cleverly patterned peacock eyespots. Selective use of golden zari silk threads helps to embellish the dazzling saturation of the mock feathers.

    a dignified royal blue peacock mask

    Painstakingly carved from the finest of ivory and lined with blue silk
    inside, this eye mask might not strike one as avian at first glance. A
    slight, opalescent protrusion at the nose merely suggests a beak, and no
    feathers are to be seen anywhere. It is a smooth, elegant accessory with
    swirling contours that caress the cheekbones and curve at the eyebrow
    with a suggestion of pavonian hauteur. The ivory is left uncovered below
    the eyeholes, a pale stripe next to each eye appearing almost like a
    trail of tears before fanning into flawless milky-white. Over the holes,
    however, vaguely reptilian leather shows off its rich blue dye and faint
    iridescence; the tiny bumps upon the skin and the pattern of colour are
    a rather subtle nod to a peacock's face. Perhaps to balance this, a
    gently flaring filigree of richly-toned malachite spreads across the top
    of the mask as a representation of the bird's feathered splendour.

    a sequined body suit lavished with peacock motifs

    Cut to mould closely to the wearer, this body suit rides high on the
    legs, leaving the thighs fully exposed and rising high enough on the
    sides to rest upon the curve of the hips. It leaves much of the back
    exposed, terminating just above the buttocks before wending up the torso
    into a narrow halter, with a long keyhole neckline that leaves the
    entirety of the sternum exposed. An inner lining of satin gives way to a
    dupion silk body, the lustrous silk exhibiting a vivid cobalt colour at
    the neck. Hints of green seep into the blue at the chest, with shots of
    turquoise rippling over the fabric until it gives way to a pure jade
    green just below the ribs. At the navel, gently rippling arches of
    sequins crafted from gold, bronze, and platinum sweep over the fabric,
    rippling over rings of green, blue, indigo, and occasionally purple. The
    effect of the sequins imposed over the pattern creates an evocative
    whirl of colour strongly reminiscent of the eyes of peacock feathers,
    dancing and shimmering with each subtle turn of the hips.

    changeant silk stockings of forest green and turquoise

    Sleek and utterly seamless, these silk stockings cloak the legs in a
    rich shade of forest green from the toes all the way up to the mid
    thigh. The silk has been cleverly and deftly shot with a single layer of
    turquoise thread along the weft, such that a faint iridescence washes
    through the green with enough tension on the fabric, or with the proper
    casting of light. Narrow strips of cobalt blue lace ride the upper hems,
    with turquoise ribbons threading through them to tighten the stockings
    as needed.

    dance sandals of celadon, cerulean and gold

    Striations of celadon and cerulean seep aross the nubuck leather body of
    these sandals, bound in such a way as to cushion the feet during dance
    and producing minimal hindrance otherwise. A subtle half-inch heel forms
    the primary supporting base, allowing for weight to pivot back on the
    foot without slipping. This heel tapers into a narrow strip along the
    arch of the foot before expanding to cradle the ball of the foot and
    toes, then wraps over the foot in a thick band that spans from half of
    the metatarsals to the shortest toes, leaving part of the big toe and
    its two neighbours still partially exposed. The band is rimmed with
    little caps of gold, which in turn anchor fine jade beads that have been
    carved into the image of unfurling wings. As the heel rises subtly
    against the back of the foot, it provides an anchor for a half dozen
    golden eyelets, through which nubuck cords are threaded to wend about
    the ankle and shin for binding. As a final bit of ornamentation, the
    base of the heel has the image of a peacock eyespot whittled into it,
    leaving subtle imprints when treading upon sand and like surfaces.

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