Liar is Sad

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A collection of things the Beloved have seen concerning the Liar. Well, that Shulamit has seen. I've been sparse lately and probably missed quite a few.

Emotions that are not yours rise to the surface, bubbling forward like a spring from your connection to the Shofet. Your eyes momentarily cloud over, and you see the Shofet staring up at you as you pace back and forth, black sand throwing rich furniture about the room as if it were naught but cheap wood.

"It's still happening, and I don't knowk why! It stopped for so long after we left, I just...what am I suppoesed to do? What if I hurt someone?!" Fear, anger, and dread vie for dominance in this spray of foreign thought, each clawing at your throat and making it difficult to draw breath as your eyes water from the sheer force.

"Then they will suffer, for it is their fault to begin with." The weirdly echoing voice of the Shofet is clipped and no-nonsense, and while you know it would normally comfort you, all it does is send your anxieties into a further spiral.

You're supposed to be better than this. You're supposed to be nicer than this. You're supposed to be kind. Everyone is going to hate you. You're a monster. You deserve everything that's happened to you. You shouldn't even be here. You don't deserve Them. You should have died in that cage. You should have died in that desert. You should have died to the Madman.

"Sleep, My sweet. Dream a better dream." The Shofet's voice is all you can hear now, overpowering your every thought and immediately drawing you into a deep stupour. You want to protest for but a moment, but then the hot flesh of Their lips are against your forehead, and you surrender to the void of unconsciousness.

The feelings fade in an instant, and you feel your link to the Shofet return to its normal thrum, but the memories remain. The feeling of your bare feet blistering and cracking beneath the desert sand. The tight confines of a cage pressing down against your flesh. The fear in your eyes as a mad man with copper hair and wild eyes draws ever closer.

The link to the Shofet flares as you worry and fret over what just happened. Why did he have to say anything? Why couldn't you stop yourself? Why won't They say anything to help? Maybe you shouldn't have had Them kill him? Oh, if only...

"Sleep now, My love," a furred hand touches your face, cupping your cheek. "And dream a better dream."

You feel incredibly sleepy and find yourself stumbling, caught by arms that are as strong as iron and as hot as stones left to bake in the sun. Hot lips gently press to your forehead, and just before you can fall asleep the memory fades, leaving you with your own thoughts as the link within slowly fades to a quiet thrum.

A severe claustrophobia overtakes you as your link to the Shofet flares into prominence. You used to fit in this cage, but now its unbending brown metal digs deep furrows into your flesh in spite of your fur, leaving deep ruts that blister and bleed when you are brought before the Emperor. You shift and feel the metal slice into your flesh, a deep hiss drawn from your lips as the memory snaps away and the link thrums quietly once more.

The link you share with the Shofet flares as a memory that is not yours overtakes your senses. You are crying, sobbing into fur as cold, leathery hands pull at your limbs and tear you away from your mother even as she speaks to you. "Don't you want your sister to be safe?" Why would she let you go? What did you do wrong? You are torn away from her, and you see one of the guards hand her a sack that jingles heavily. She doesn't even spare you a final glance as she readjusts the cloth bundle in her arms closer to her chest and goes back inside. A moment later you are in your own head again, the feeling of tears still hot on your face.

A cascade of scarlet lightning ripples across the firmament, carrying with it a dark and boisterous laugh that shakes the very ground beneath your feet as it echoes weirdly. The smell of cayenne is overwhelming for a moment before a hot wind carries it away and the sky returns to normal.

You feel a strange shudder run through your spine as your link to the Shofet flares to life. Not even a heartbeat later, your feet are on fire, the bottom bloodied and cracked as you step forward through boiling sand. You've run out of tears to cry, but the pain has caused you to begin tearing into your lips with your teeth, desperate for any source of distraction or relief that you can find. But you keep walking. You can't let them catch you. The heat fades in an an instant as the moment passes, and the link to the Shofet returns to its normal, quiet thrum.

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