Making the Liar Sad

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Shulamit really doesn't like keeping secrets. Especially since it was her fault that the thief is not there.

- - -

A noisy crash can be heard from the villa as you exit, the sound of earthen clay against stone.

<zoomies over>

Glowing in tune with her words, you say, "Oh! Dear?"

You cannot see that here.

Radiant gold and inky black compete for prominence in the thick fur that covers this enormous tae'dae's body, the well-groomed hair shifting like fields of wheat and clouds through the night sky with each movement. Despite their thick limbs and ten feet of height, an aura of well-being and contentment radiates off of their body, only enhanced by the gentle smile that is nearly always present on their muzzle. Glittering mis-matched eyes, one brown and one green, stare with a gentle warmth at the world around them, only inches below a pair of fuzzy round ears that have several notches missing from them. A brilliant red hieroglyph crackles in the centre of their forehead, flaring occasionally with small tendrils of red lightning. They are simply dressed in a pair of linen trousers and a hooded vest of the same material which hangs loose and casually upon their frame. The only decoration to be found upon them are a small number of scales and feathers that have been hand-sewn to cover where their heart lies in their chest. A stark contrast to their fur, they wear a pair of brown fuzzy paw boots over their feet.

Aschwar is quite powerful.

Glowing in tune with her words, you say to Aschwar, "Esei said you are not feeling well. Did you want some company?"

You have emoted: Shulamit glows a soft shade of rose quartz, pulsing low and slow.

Aschwar looks up from their place on their knees, sweeping up a large amount of soil and broken shards from the floor, a worn look plastered on their face that only grows slightly less so at your arrival.

You feel emboldened as you breathe in your own exotically-charged aroma.

Quietly, Aschwar says, "I was trying work a poppy, and I shook a little. It broke."

Tilting her head slightly, you say, "Work a poppy?"

Aschwar gestures over to the other, unique poppies littering the planters scattered throughout and continues sweeping. "This one was crystal, for you. And...I just shook. And it cut too far, and then I kept shaking because I was upset, and sad, and then I shook too much, and the whole thing just..."

Aschwar gives a pained sigh.

Glowing in tune with her words, you say, "Oh! You were trying to grow a fancy one?"

You have emoted: Shulamit kneels down, helping to clean up the dirt, setting planters into broken and unbroken categories.

Warmth flickers across your body, buffeting you with waves of heat until fire crowns your head in a brilliant halo.

Aschwar nods their head slowly, collecting the last of the dirt before standing with their small dustbin and walking towards the stairs, "Yes, ma'am. It is something I like...or at least liked to do."

The world seems a little less pleasant as an enormous tae'dae with black and gold fur departs to the up.

Glowing a soft shade of red, you say, "Oh, ah?"

You have emoted: Shulamit hurriedly cleans up more dirt, cleaning it off the path with a practiced air at cleaning.


Aschwar empties the dustbin and then sets it and the small hand-brush down on the counter, looking around the room with a mute melancholy about them.

Glowing in tune with her words, you say, "Did you often grow fancy plants? It seems very hard! I've never heard of anyone in the basin able to."

You have emoted: Shulamit wipes her hands off on her gown, the magic in the gown whisking away dust covertly.

Aschwar nods their head and says, "I liked it. It was nice when everything got too loud, because plants aren't as noisy. They make little noises, not like you or Friend Gurashi did." They sigh and say, "But now...everything's quiet. And I don't...know how to handle it."

Head tilting in very mild confusion, you say to Aschwar, "When we were talking to you? Or did we make more sounds? Esei thinks you are...strong. Er. Words? Feel what we felt."

Thoughtfully, you say, "I know some people in the basin can read thoughts. Not many though."

You have emoted: Shulamit looks around the room, taking in the scene.

Quietly, Aschwar says, "I don't know how to explain it, Missus Friend Shulamit. I just..."

Glowing in tune with her words, you say, "You had something, but now it is lost?"

Aschwar gestures with their claws as they explain, "I used to see colours, and smell things, and just...KNOW when people said things. I would hear things, as they said things, so I would hear them twice? And now..."

Glowing in tune with her words, you say, "Or at least, not easily accessibly?"

Aschwar nods sadly at you.

You nod your head slowly in understanding.

You think to yourself: That might be what the telepaths feel.

Glowing in tune with her words, you say, "It might be what the telepaths feel. People think what they're about to say, then say it."

You have emoted: Shulamit rests a hand against her cheek, crystals almost completely healed. "I've never been one though."

You have recovered balance on all limbs.

Aschwar nods sadly at you.

Glowing in tune with her words, you say, "Perhaps Beloved Friend Alary would be one to speak with. I...think pyromancers are among those that can sense others thoughts."

With a confused look, you say, "At least, it's always been people who channel elements that have used it before that I've seen. Heard. Told me my thoughts."

Their voice almost too quiet to hear, Aschwar says, "I...had hoped you would know, ma'am. You are very smart, and have helped me learn many things from what I have felt through the Shofet. And you."

(Revelry): Arandor (from the Prime Material Plane) says, "Well it seems she needs only to pick a path and she can begin working on her tasks for the guild once more."

You think to yourself: Oh!

(Newbie): Shemuel says, "Thank you two for your reply. I was just wondering..."

Glowing in tune with her words, you say, "Well. I can talk to Alary for you, if you'd like? They are my child-in-law, after all."

Glowing in tune with her words, you say, "And while I know some things, the workings of telepathy is beyond me."

Glowing cheerfully, you say, "I can tell you about planting normal flowers! And...designing a dress with flower patterns. But not mental things."

You have emoted: Shulamit strums a lyre shaped exceedingly like Aschwar, while humming. "Music does not confer into the mind, mostly."

Aschwar nods their head and though they still look upset, you can tell that some of the worst of it has left their shoulders. "That...would be nice. But I do not know. Every time I want to make something I just feel...sad, and wish I wasn't here. I think of all the people I'm hurting, and all that I've done and..." Their voice warbles and breaks as they speak, and fat tears spill over their lids as they lament, "I am just so sad. And I can't even ask the Shofet, because I wasn't here for Them, and now They are hurt, and They aren't at our normal spot, so I can't try to help Them and I don't know what to do, and it's TOO QUIET!"

You think to yourself: Meditation can help though. That is, likely will not hurt.

You have emoted: Shulamit reaches over to Aschwar, laying a soothing pink coloured hand on their paw.

You have recovered balance on all limbs.

Glowing in tune with her words, you say, "They will be healed, I trust. I feel They must rest."

Glowing in tune with her words, you say, "For now, I know that meditation can help, if not with telepathy directly, with feeling calmer when things do not grow as we wish them to."

Quietly, Aschwar says, "'s like when I first found Them. When They were in that hole in the ground, and I had to carry Them back to the place I was sleeping, in the pink place."

Gripping their tunic tightly as their tears continue, Aschwar says, "I just don't know what to do."

Glowing in tune with her words, you say, "Were there others with you, honey?"

Glowing in tune with her words, you say, " have all the Beloved who would love to help you and Them."

Glowing ivory, you say, "And while none of us know quite what to do, we can all try, and look, and be there."

"Only the people that lived there, and they didn't understand me very well for a long time, and they acted like they couldn't even see Them. Then when I picked Them up, it was like they couldn't see me, neither." The words come spilling out of Aschwar's mouth like a faucet, and they shake slightly in their upset.

You have emoted: Shulamit rubs the portions of Aschwar's back that she can reach, soothing and quiet. "We do see you, and Them, I do think so! And we will be here for you."

Glowing in tune with her words, you say to Aschwar, "It's okay to cry, as well. Things are scary, and sometimes we cry, and that's okies. We're here for each other so we do not have to be strong alone."

As they try to control their crying, Aschwar exclaims, "You do, but...I don't know. I thought it might be easier, with all of you, because last time it was just us and I was...I thought...I don't know. I'm just so scared, and I'm so sad, and it's too quiet. I tried sitting with the thieves, and doing what they said, but it didn't help, and then my friend wasn't there, and no one knows where he is, and THAT makes me worried too!"

You think to yourself: Well. Dear. Hm.

You have emoted: Shulamit glows soothing shades of gold and ivory, continuing to pat Aschwar as she formulates a response.

As their tears finally seem to dry, Aschwar says, "And I think I scared Friend Gurashi, because I think my mark almost hurt his...Bizi. But I didn't know, and then it just...zapped Bizi."

Slightly confused shades of grey, you say, "Do you think the runes are what is keeping things quiet? But you had them before you went to sleep?"

Shrugging their shoulders, Someone powerful says, "It...helps me get around the Shifting City, so I don't have to say the fancy words, and it is supposed to keep me safe."

Quietly, Aschwar says, "It was a gift from Them, I don't know why it would...make things quiet."

You have emoted: Shulamit breathes out slowly, exhaling odd resinous smoke. "Dear. Me and Esei and Gurashi were speaking with your friend thief while you were asleep. They told us what they heard in the dreams because we were talkative to them. And it held part of your name. They had been beholden not to do that. The Shofet punished them for giving that part away. I do not know where they are."

You have recovered balance on all limbs.

You have emoted: Shulamit sighs, looking very drained. "I should have told you as soon as you woke up. I am sorry."

You have recovered balance on all limbs.

Aschwar's face looks aghast as you say that, and then they suddenly stand up. "I...I am not mad, but..." They hiccup, and a fat sob escapes their throat. "I...I need to go."

The world seems a little less pleasant as an enormous tae'dae with black and gold fur departs to the down.

You have emoted: Shulamit murmurs to herself, nodding as she watches the Liar leave.

You yell, "Be well, dear. Be well. I love you."

You have emoted: Shulamit looks around the villa, before turning to leave.


"The storm, yet not in its full power. Will you be able to weather it, My Prism, and show them safely to shore?"

You have emoted: Shulamit sucks on her teeth thoughtfully.

You think to yourself: The only way to know is to go through it.

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    me looking out window after Liar leaves

    Many greetings! I do commissions!

    ‘It’s important to be kind. You can’t know all the times that you’ve hurt people in tiny, significant ways.
    It’s easy to be cruel without meaning to be. There’s nothing you can do about that. But you can choose to be kind. Be kind.’

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