That Is My Truth

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I swear, I feel like I post every interaction I have with @Gurashi to these forums, but they are all so good. Behold, the log where Lief finally gets to show off her altar to Gurashi as promised weeks ago!

Full log: That Is My Truth

Quietly, Gurashi, the Heart's Friend says to you, "I am happy for you, Miss Lief."

Earnestly, Gurashi, the Heart's Friend says to you, "You are re-awakening once more, and you get to be an Avatar of Your Lady, and, you found Mister Zitto, and, you have found so many many -friends-."

Harmonies rise and blend together, calling up colours of joy and sorrow that echo in your heart, singing unbroken.

With a warm smile, Gurashi, the Heart's Friend says to you, "Makes me really happy to see you flourishing like flowers that Lady paints, yes yes."

You have emoted: Lief nods her antlered head, still smiling as she turns the cookie in her hand. She looks up at Gurashi, tucks the cookie into the sash of her serene kimono robes bearing fruitful apple branches, then touches their arm. "I am growing," she agrees quietly, searching Gurashi's eyes. "And you are growing, too. Not with me, but differently, and this is good."

Hesitating for only a moment, you ask Gurashi, "Have you found strength, Gurashi?"

Gurashi blinks.

Furrowing their brow, Gurashi, the Heart's Friend says, "Strength?"

You have emoted: Lief nods her antlered head, studying Gurashi.
Amazing beautiful stunning avatar by Gurashi!
A gentle breeze ruffles your wings and whispers in your ears, as if for you alone, "Dragonfly's words shine... seeds, sown and tended, inspire... a forest harvest."
Maylea reaches out, Her fingers poised in midair. "Now you are of Me, even more than you were before." Her golden and azure eyes glitter. "Walk well, Eldin. Shed glory in My name, and bring life to the lifeless."


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