Looking for d'Vanecu children!

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@Uzriel and Sapphira are looking to grow the d'Vanecu family - having largely disappeared due to inactivity, we're really excited to help revitalise this historical Magnagoran house and keep them growing into a new era.
A little about the house - d'Vanecu are traditionally a house of religion, foremost priests and priestesses of Nil, and powerful necromancers. Uzriel summed it up really well in character - "That's not to say we are so focused upon worship that we will exclude everything else. I think we can take Nil's teachings and apply it to all facets of life, and that is what I want the family to exemplify. Lord Ashtorath's rage can guide those of us who seek combat. Lord Gorgulu's all consuming hunger and unfathomable power. Lady Nifilhema's artistry. Lord Baalphegar's wisdom and subtle manipulations - these are all inspirations for us." Basically we are a family closely tied to Magnagora and Nil, and we aim to do the noble blood justice through refinement and decorum and just being general useful members of society. 

Those interested in roleplaying any combination of being a refined noble, tainted cleric/devotee, mad scientist, artist or scholar are welcome. While bashers, pkers, influencers, and the like are also welcome our main interest here is in developing the d'Vanecu's roleplay. Because the family's role is strongly tied to Nil and necromancy, only Magnagorans will be considered at this time, with a preference to viscanti (or at least race-hat as viscanti). Alts are welcome if you just have an interest in hopping on to roleplay something different for you.

Family comes with:
  • an expansive aethermanse estate with a lot of nifty things
  • a separate aethershop and currently two cartels (tailoring and jewellery) with plans to add more
  • a city homestead in the works for within Magnagora
  • parents who are happy to dabble in most things but will also very happily rp with you!
  • crotchety Grandma Noira who occasionally pops by
  • Stellar noble bloodline
  • Drocilla as family patron

A little about us!

A mad scientist at heart, Uzriel's reconciling his scientific mind with the d'Vanecu's traditional role as Nil's priests. He's looking to melding the two together (with hopefully some help and inspiration from Edwin along the way). Besides science and experimentation, he has a large interest in questing and Lusternia lore/history, especially when it comes to Magnagora and the noble houses. Any children with an interest in any of those he will greatly encourage and nurture.

Sapphira is an artist with a preference for painting but also any form of art or design, and a particular fascination for pushing the boundaries and standard concepts of beauty. She is a cacophonist but not particularly passionate about music in general, preferring other modes of creative outlet, with a particular admiration for Nifilhema's artwork, and absolute awe of Drocilla. Besides art, she enjoys playing assistant to Uzriel's scientist, collecting trades (gotta catch them all), socialising and the niceties of society and refinement. She secretly harbours a desire to become a priestess of Nil somehow and I plan to evolve her spiritual and ritualistic side more - marrying devotion and aethetics - but she has a very good knowledge of the Demon Lords and their tenets. She will probably dote on children who like spoiling and definitely has a teasing, playful nature. Bonus points for children who also pick on Uzriel.

If you're interested in maybe joining us or explore the possibility through rp, feel free to reach out to either or both of us. We can plan oocly if you like but spontaneous RP would be amazing and likely fun to see where things go! And even if it doesn't end up working out, we'd enjoy the rp. 


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    • parents (and at least one sister: Zau) who are happy to dabble in most things but will also very happily rp with you!
    • crotchety Grandma Noira who occasionally pops by, is an event you will look forward to
    Vella warmly invites you to share in the joys of family by:
    1.  conspiring with siblings to sacrifice the weakest amongst us to our Patron for the bi-annual family dinner.
    2.  forcing you to read religious drafts and trade designs themed around you, even if you don't realise.
    3.  participating in father's experiments on...  you.
    4.  going on adventures with little to no care over the mortal risk- we're undead afterall.
    5.  a position on the family newspaper.
    6.  betting on who Grandma Noira won't admit she tolerates.
    7.  helping a sibling secretly install a water-based bath in their manse. 
    8.  engaging in relentless, merciless teasing and jests with family, about family, and well everyone.
    9.  amassing a terrible wealth of unique artifacts that awe, inspire, and bewilder the rest of the cosmos. 
    ... all that and more!

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    Oh really?...
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    Hello! I just got back into the game!  I'm not sure if I'd like to be a child or marry, because I am a very casual player so I don't want to tie anyone up in any relations.  But, I would love to link up and RP with your family!  Also, Sapphira sounds like my type of character!  My character is a is a bard, but may change because she (and her player) have lost their muse.  I'm completely lost in the game now so I'm kinda reshaping her as I relearn the city and religious lore.   I have to explore more about Drocilla, but want my character to have a weird or dark sense of beauty. For some reason I always think of Deidara from Naturo, who found beauty in explosions.  Or, maybe just someone from the Addams Family. I dunno, lol.
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    Ooh! Unfortunately the only option for us to bring in family at this point is to adopt them, or marry them to our children - but yes by all means please rp with us! Feels like Nievea and Sapphira may have a few common interests :grin:
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