Letters of Note



  • EritheylEritheyl ** Trigger Warning ** Member Posts: 1,824 Transcendent
    With dreams forgotten and once-lost things,
    In dreary times and sky of greys,
    On tumult tides and storm-tossed wings,
    At seaside chateaus and picnic days,

    In sweet dreams or dark, but with affection,
    Sotsepmet n'Lochli

    so you just gonna mail me a birthday gift on my birthday to my birthday party on my birthday with a birthday gift?
    Crumkane, Lord of Epicurean Delights says, "WAS IT INDEED ON FIRE, ERITHEYL."


    With a deep reverb, Contemptible Sutekh says, "CEASE YOUR INFERNAL ENERGY, ERITHEYL."
  • Miso (not the soup)Miso (not the soup) Member Posts: 32 Apprentice

    A golden origami lotus blossom unfolds and sings to you, "My dear pup. I know not what has turned you from the Beacon of Harmony, but for my failures in fatherhood, I am deeply sorry. I hope you will still speak with me if fortune crosses our paths again. May you be well in the meantime. ~D.S."
    A sampler platter of variously prepared insects falls out of a golden origami lotus blossom and into your hands.
    A golden origami lotus blossom flutters apart in wisps of vellum as the last of its contents spill into your hands.

    He sent the platter that he made especially for Miso that nobody else will eat, sobbing.

    You read what is written on a sheet of crystallised stationery:
    Dear Miso,

    It is with great sadness that I hear of both your departure from Hallifax and your choice of destination having departed. It is never easy, to see another fall into the darkness. I know that to ask what drove you to leave will by now likely invite you to speak of how you were weak before and how strong the Taint has made you, and yet I would
    ask it all the same. If we should meet, will you tell me why it is that you felt that you had to do as you have done? I think that we might both feel some measure of hope from the knowledge that we might still speak with each-other despite what has occurred. If you can, or will, not speak with me in person, which I would fully understand if you still feel the need to prove your loyalty to your new home, then I implore you to at least send a letter of your own in reply to this one.

    Even in the darkness, you are not alone,

    Miso Shevat, Cowboy of Hallifax says, “If you ain't got no giddy up then giddy out my way.”

    Discord: Miso#4811
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