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Latest version will always be HERE
Info on interacting with it is HERE in the README.

I've slowly been making individual widgets to cover everything that KaiUI offers, but allowing you to pick and choose so you can make your own UI with only the pieces you want.

These chat tabs wound up being structured fairly similarly to the ones in KaiUI, as I couldn't really think of a necessarily better way of grouping them. But I've also based it on my EMCO class in combination with my LoggingConsole, which means this one also logs each tab individually as an html file which can be found at getMudletHomeDir() .. "/log/LusterniaChat/yyyy/mm/dd" where yyyy/mm/dd is the date the contents of the log occurred on.

I have not tested Orders or Clans, as I am not a member of any, but the handling for these matches the handling used in KaiUI. 

It's not particularly flashy or anything, though.


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    Clans do not quite work on this, just tested. Below is an example of how it shows in the capture.

    09:08:35 ([4zSEND HREF="channelinfo clt"D'Vanecu Flayed Scrolls[4z/SEND): You say, "Test."

    Order appears to work fine though.

    Edit: There's a line in KaiUI's script that needs to be added for this to work:

    Find the following line in the script.

    local txt = ansi2decho(info.text)

    Below it add the following

    txt = txt:gsub(string.char(27) .. [[.-]] .. string.char(4), "")

    All credit on this fix to KaiUI's script.
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    Huh, thanks. Will adjust and rerelease later today. Wonder why that only shows up in clans. 
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    1.1 released, verified clans work correctly now. Thanks again for pointing it out.
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    1.2 released, apparently clans are not the only MXP bearing channels.

    Also adds "lct show" and "lct hide" commands
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    1.3, moves to using a GMCP event instead of a trigger for enabling GMCP communications. This should resolve an issue someone reported where if you QQ'ed and reconnected without restarting the profile it wouldn't capture the chat.
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    1.4 released. Resolves an issue where the replay of previous logs would sometimes include html garbage nobody should have to lay eyes on.
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